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Apr 22, 2016

STS. EPIPODIUS & ALEXANDER Martyrs at Lyon, Info, Apr 22, 2016

img EPIPODIUS & ALEXANDER Martyrs at LyonEpipodius and Alexander, Martyrs at Lyons. April 22 ... › ... › Rev. Alban Butler › Lives of the Saints › April
SS. Epipodius and Alexander, Martyrs at Lyons. April 22. Butler, Rev. Alban. Volume IV: April. The Lives of the Saints. 1866.

The Lives of the Fathers, Martyrs, and Other Principal ...
Alban Butler - 1833 - ‎Christian saints
26. St. Ptolemy, 8m. Oct. 19. St. Justin, Martyr, June I. (or April 14.) 177 St. Pothinus, 8m. at Lyons, June 2. SS. Epipodius and Alexander, April 22. St. Symphorian ...

The Lives of the Fathers, Martyrs, and Other Principal Saints
1845 - ‎Saints
EPIPODIUS AND ALEXANDER, MARTYRS AT lYONS. They were two ... IV. p Epipodius, the younger of the two, whom he had looked April 22.] ss. eitpodics, <tc.

April 22 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics) - Wikipedia, the free ...
Apr. 21 - Eastern Orthodox Church calendar - Apr. 23. All fixed commemorations below are ... 174); Martyrs Epipodius of Lyons, by beheading (ca. 177); Saint .... April 22. OCA - The Lives of the Saints. Dr. Alexander Roman. April. Calendar of ...

Saints of the Day: Saints Epipodius and Alexander
22 Apr 2010 - Thursday, April 22, 2010 ... Epipodius was a native of Lyon; Alexander was said to be a native of Phrygia, and a physician by profession. They were both martyred during the reign of Marcus Aurelius. Epipodius and Alexander ...

St. Alexander | Saints And Angels
Posts about St. Alexander written by Castledale. ... Feastday: April 22 ... Martyr and missionary, a companion of St. Epipodius. Little is ... their relics were placed together with those of St. Irenaeus under the altar of the Cathedral St-Jean in Lyon.

The lives of the primitive fathers, martyrs, and other ...
Alban Butler - 1798
Epipodius and Alexander, martyrs at Lyons. They were two ... sent to prison. Three days after, they April 22. ss. epipodius, &c. mm, 237 SS Epipodius, &c MM.

The Saints Collection [2,428 Saints]: - Google Books Result
Catholic Way Publishing - 2015 - ‎Religion
St. Justin, martyr June 1 (or April 14.) 177 SS. Pothinus, &c., at Lyons, June 2. SS. Epipodius and Alexander. April 22. SS. Symphorian, Aug. 22. SS. Marcellus ...

On-line Calendar of Saints Days, April
Nicetius, bishop (of Lyon), confessor [BLS; GTZ: Lyon] ... Agape, Chionia, Irene, and companions, martyrs [BLS] .... April 22. Aprunculus, bishop (of Trier) [GTZ: Trier] Azades, Tharba, and companions, ... Epipodius and Alexander, martyrs [BLS]

Our Sunday Visitor's Encyclopedia of Saints
Matthew Bunson, ‎Margaret Bunson, ‎Stephen Bunson - 2003 - ‎Religion
suffered the same martyrdom with Epimachus: Ammonaria, Mercuria, Dionisia, and a second Ammonaria. Epimachus and Alexander were burned to death after being imprisoned and cruelly tortured. The cult ... Epipodius and Alexander (d. 178) > Martyrs of Lugdunum, in Gaul (modern Lyons, France). ... Feast day: April 22.

Latin Saints of the Orthodox Patriarchate of Rome
He became Bishop of Lyons in France in 553 and was pastor for twenty years. Rufus Apr 2 ? ... Pope of Rome from 117 to c 125, sometimes referred to as a martyr. April 4 ..... Born in Rome, he was elected Pope of Rome in May 535 and reposed in Constantinople on April 22 536. .... Epipodius and Alexander Apr 22 + 178.

Saint ÉPIPODIUS et saint ALEXANDRE, martyrs
22 Apr 2015 - Martyr à Lyon avec Alexandre. ... À Lyon, en 178, saint Alexandre, martyr. .... April 22. SS. Epipodius and Alexander, Martyrs at Lyons.

The Book of Saints: - Google Books Result
Saint Augustine's Abbey, ‎Aeterna Press - 2015 - ‎Religion
Martyrology as a Martyr under Diocletian. ... EPIPODIUS (St.) M (April 22) (2nd cent.) A young Christian of Lyons, who with his friend Alexander was discovered in the hidingplace in which they had concealed themselves, put to the torture and ...

April 22 St. Soter, Pope and martyr (+ 175) -
6 hours ago - April 22 St. Soter, Pope and martyr (+ 175) ... Martyrs of Persia — Adalbert of Ostrevant Alexander Caius Francis of Fabriano Maryahb Stephen ...

Russian Orthodox Christian Menaion Calendar for April
April 9 (Civil Date: April 22) ... Martyrs Terence, Pompeius, Africanus, Maximus, Zeno, Alexander, Theodore, Macarius, and 33 .... Martyr Epipodius of Lyons.

April 22 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics) explained
Explaining what we could find out about April 22 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics). ... 174); Martyrs Epipodius of Lyons, by beheading (ca. ... Dr. Alexander Roman.

April 22 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics) - Expand Your Mind
174) Martyrs Epipodius of Lyons, by beheading (ca. ... St. Epipodius, who was arrested with Alexander (April 24), his companion, and after undergoing severe ...

April 22 – Roman Martyrology
AT Rome, on the Appian way, the birthday of St. Soter, pope and martyr. ... At Lyons, in the persecution of Antoninus Verus, St. Epipodius, who was arrested with Alexander, his companion, and after undergoing severe torments, consummated ...

medieval-religion: Scholarly discussions of medieval ...
Today, April 22, is the feast of: ... 177/8) are a pair of early martyrs of Lyon who according to St. Gregory of Tours (In gloria martyrum, 49) were ... Epipodius and Alexander have a brief, legendary Passio (BHL 2574, 2575; earliest witness is ...

St. Michael's Orthodox Church -Monthly Commemorations
Martyrs Polyeuctus at Caesarea in Cappadocia, and Timothy the deacon in Mauretania. St. Boniface the ..... Repose of Righteous Theodore Kuzmich (Tsar Alexander) (1864). January 21 ...... April 22 / May 5. ... Martyr Epipodius of Lyons.

The Antiochian Diocese of Los Angeles and the West ...
Apostle Timothy; Venerable-martyr Anastasios the Persian; Venerable Joseph the ..... April 22. Theodore Sykeote, bishop of Anastasiopolis; Apostle Nathanael; Martyr ... of Ardeal and confessors in Romania ; Martyr Alexander of Lyons ...

Martyr Saints - Saints & Angels - Catholic Online
Search Search Martyr Saints. The history of the Church is full of many Martyred Catholic saints, who received recognition for great deeds or meritorious conduct.

April 22 -- today's saints - Greenspun › LUSENET › Catholic
22 Apr 2002 - 3 posts - ‎2 authors
St. Abdiesus (Persian [Iranian], deacon, martyred in 4th century) ... Sts. Epipodius and Alexander (French, young celibate bachelors, tortured and ... Sts. Epipodius and Alexander of Lyons (French, young celibate bachelors, ...

[PDF]April 22, 2012 - Saints Peter and Paul Orthodox Church
Martyr Leonidas of Alexandria (202). Martyr Epipodius of Lyons (177). Martyr ... Albert, Kevin, Robert, Robert, Andrew, David, Warren, Archimandrites Alexander,.

Parish History - Saint George Russian Orthodox Church
1 May 2011 - St. Alexander, abbot of Oshevensk. Child-martyr Gabriel of ... April 22 / May 5. 6:30 pm Vigil ... Martyr Epipodius of Lyons. (Greek Calendar: ...

Orthodox Saints for April - Orthodox Saints and Feasts
Eventually he became the spiritual father of the St. Alexander Nevsky Lavra in St. ... April 5; Holy Martyrs Agathopous and Theodoulos (303): Agathopous was a ... Saint Serapion saw an angel carrying Mark's soul, and a hand extended from ..... April 22; Our Holy Father Theodore of Sykeon (613): He was born in Sykeon in ...

mednet/04.html at master · demery/mednet · GitHub
<br>Nicetius, bishop (of Lyon), confessor [BLS; GTZ: Lyon]. <br>Nychasius, bishop ... <br>Timothy [PCP (Paris)] ..... <br>Epipodius and Alexander, martyrs [BLS].

Abdiesus the Deacon M -
April 22. Abdiesus the Deacon M (RM) (also known as Hebedjesus) 4th century. Abdiesus was one of the vast multitude of Persians martyred under King Shapur II. ... Epipodius and Alexander were young, unmarried men, friends of long standing. They lived at Lyons, France, as good Christians and tried to avoid capture by ...

The Magazine |
Items 1 - 15 of 694 - Epipodius was a native of Lyon; Alexander was said to be a native of Phrygia, and a physician by profession. They were both martyred during the reign of Marcus Aurelius. In the 6th ... Quote of the Day – April 22 #pinterest.

Full text of "Saints and their emblems" - Internet Archive
For this purpose the period or implements of martyrdom have been specified, and ..... 12), q.v. St. Alexander of Lyons M. Companion of St. Epipodius (April 22), ...

[PDF]Thomas Sunday - St. John Orthodox Church
19 Apr 2015 - April 22: Theodore Sykeote, bishop of Anastasiopolis; Apostle ... confessors in Romania; Martyr Alexander of Lyons. ... Mark 15:43-16:8.

Epipodius and Alexander | World Heritage Encyclopedia
... Alexander. Martyrs. Born, Epipodius, Lyon Alexander, Greece. Died, 178. Honored in ... Suggestions. April 22 1944, United States, 1945, 1951, 1983, Portugal.

Rule/Martyrology - Fish Eaters;wap2
And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, ... At Lyons in France, in the persecution of Antoninus Verus, St. Epipodius, who was arrested with his companion Alexander, and after undergoing severe torments, completed his ... The reading appointed from the Rule of St. Benedict for April 22:

Who was a Christian in the Holy Land?: A - Christus Rex
Aberkius was the son of Alphaeus the Apostle, and he suffered martyrdom. ..... Alexander Acoemetus, St. He visited Palestine before 400. (Vita, auct. .... Alphaeus / Alpheus The father of Levi (Matthew) in the Gospel of Mark 2, 14. ..... The Roman Martyrology reads on April 22: 'Apelles and Lucius, out of the first disciples'.

Martyrs -
At Lyons in Gaul, the transferal of the relics of St. Justus, bishop and .... at the thirtieth milestone from Rome, the holy martyrs Hyacinth, Alexander, and Tiburdus. .... St. Hermagores, a disciple of St. Mark the Evangelist, sent Juventius to Pavia ..... and confessor, from the city of Constantinople where he had died on April 22.

Saints and Commemorations of the Episcopal Church
Alexander Crummel, Sept. 10 ... 31]. [Timothy Cutler], Aug. 17 .... 6]. The Martyrs of Lyons (Now Blandina and Her Companions), June 2 ... [John Muir], April 22.

[PDF]Sedition Act of 1798 - First Amendment Center
by GT Belt - ‎Related articles
While the Federalists, led by Alexander Hamilton and Adams, argued that these ... granted a partial pardon on April 22, 1800, directing Pickering to release Durrell .... 1799, Secretary of State Timothy Pickering wrote to President John Adams ... June 20, 1798, 24 days before the passage of the Sedition Act, Lyon wrote a ...

Irenaeus - New World Encyclopedia
22 Apr 2014 - An engraving of Irenaeus, bishop of Lugdunum in Gaul (now Lyon, ... the martyr Saint Pothinus and became the second Bishop of Lyon. ... important figure defending the four main Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, ..... ISBN 978-0330431972; Roberts, Reverend Alexander. ... All links retrieved April 22, 2014.

Timeline of Saints - OrthodoxWiki › Categories › Church History
21 Feb 2013 - 332 BC: Alexander the Great enters Jerusalem. .... to tradition, Hermagoras was a disciple of Apostle Mark and was consecrated Bishop of Auileia in Italy. .... 177 Pothinus, Bp. of Lyons, Blandina, Ponticus at others martyr in Lyons dying in the ..... 613 Theodore the Sykeote, Bp. of Anastasiopolis, April 22.

John Worth - Spanish Florida - Calendar
January 24: Timothy, bishop and martyr (semidouble). ... April 22: Soter and Cajus, popes and martyrs (semidouble). ... May 3: Invention of the Holy Cross (double), and commemoration of Ss. Alexander, Eventius and Theodulus, martyrs, and Juvenal, ..... ac denuo per eundem authorem accuratius recognitum (Lyon, 1542).

Library : Popes Through the Ages | Catholic Culture
It is probable that St. Paul refers to him when he writes from Rome to Timothy, "Eubulus .... The traditional account of St. Alexander's martyrdom is that he was beheaded .... His feast together with that of St. Caius, is celebrated on April 22. ... Pothinus and the clergy of Lyons to confer with Pope Eleutherius about Montanism.

Early Families of Milford, Connecticut - Geni
Edward Atwater says that Nathaniel, Joseph, and Timothy Baldwin were .... Alexander Bryan (or Bryant) (1602-1679), son of Thomas Bryan of Alesbury, Eng., was baptized there Sept. ... Sarah Baldwin was born April 22, 1621 in Aston Clinton, Bucks, England and died ... Stephen Stowe is known as the Martyr of Milford.

Inventory of the Flora Adams Darling Papers 1862-1908 ...
... John Tyler Morgan, Alexander Hamilton Stephens, Lyon Gardiner Tyler. .... by Mrs. Darling delivered June 17, 1891 at the Tomb of Martyrs, Brooklyn, New York; ... 15 Special D. A. R. edition of The Washington Mirror , April 22, 1905; and .... Letter from Mark M. Pomeroy of The U. S. Democrat , Washington, D. C., July 15, ...

SUKCESJA APOSTOLSKA - Strona internetowa ekwch!
St. Mark -- Jan. 18, 336 to Oct. 7, 336 35. .... Alexander II -- Oct. 1, 1061 to Apr. 21, 1073 155. .... Ignatius I, Martyr -- 43 to 123 4. Earon -- 123 ..... He consecrated, JOHN BON, as Bishop Haarlem, April 22, 1819. ..... Clement of Lyons, 436. Basil ...

Chronology Performing Arts — Robert Wilson
... (Dramaturgy). Berliner Ensemble, Berlin, Germany, April 22, 2015. ... Alexander Kasser Theater at Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ, January 26, 2013.

StateMaster - Encyclopedia: Epipodius
Their feast day is April 22. Epipodius was a native of Lyon; Alexander was said to be of Greek origin. They were both martyred during the reign of Marcus ...

Big Trouble in River City: American Crucifixion and the ...
8 Aug 2014 - On April 22, 2014, PublicAffairs, an imprint of a national publisher Persues ... to investigating and writing about events leading up to the martyrdom. ..... Yes, [Page 197]a contemporaneous journal entry from Alexander ...... The analysis of Josephine Lyon's DNA shows she wasn't Joseph's child, for example.

[PDF]Flier - LGBT Studies - University of Arizona
Alexander Karaman, University of Arizona ... Famous for His Shameful Orgies': An Account of Rape and Nativist Discourses in Martyrs of the Alamo ... Emily Lyons, University of Arizona ... Friday, April 22 ... Timothy Salzer, University of Arizona.

Whelan Funeral Home - Obituary Notices
POTHIER, Bernard Alexander. b. ... at The Whelan Funeral Home, 515 Cooper St. (between Bay & Lyon) on Thursday, from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 pm. .... Dear father to his 4 children George, Paul, and Mark (Ann). ..... After they married in 1950, Vi and Gerry lived in Ottawa East and attended Canadian Martyrs Church, where she ...

April 22 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
Martyrs Epipodius of Lyons+, by beheading (ca. 177) * Saint Gaius+, born in Dalmatia, became Pope of Rome, martyred with members ... Dr. Alexander Roman.

Day by Day with the Saints: April 2011
1 Apr 2011 - He died as a martyr on April 25, 68 in Alexandria. .... Friday, April 22, 2011 ... have a saint who is the patron on torture and betrayal victims, Saint Epipodius of Lyon. He was friend of and worker with Saint Alexander of Lyon.

[PDF]April 19, 2015 - Our Lady of Walsingham
19 Apr 2015 - Deacon James Barnett & Deacon Mark Baker -- Pastoral Assistants .... April 22 – Elizabeth Bailey, Steven Freeman, James Montgomery ... Lynn Forester, Olga Bush, Father Venuti, Peb, Elizabeth Lyons, ... worth, Father Bruce Noble, Peg, Bob, Christopher Wenner, and those on the Prayer List in the Martyrs ...

It is probable that St. Paul refers to him when he writes from Rome to Timothy, "Eubulus .... The traditional account of St. Alexander's martyrdom is that he was beheaded on .... His feast together with that of St. Caius, is celebrated on April 22. ... St. Irenaeus, now bishop of Lyons, pleaded with the Pope that after all, was only a ...

Lives of Saints -
St. Boniface the Merciful of Tarsus, Eutychios the Martyr of Thessaloniki. January 2 .... April 11. St. Mark, Bishop of Arethusa. April 12 ... April 22. The Venerable Martyr Vadim. April 23. Virgin-martyrs Sts. Agape, Irene and Chione. April 24 ... Holy Martyrs Alexander and Antonina · The Holy .... St. Irenaeus of Lyons. September ...

BARIHUNKS ®: April 2013
29 Apr 2013 - ... Phares include the premiere of Eric Sawyer's The Garden of Martyrs, ... will perform romances on poems by Alexander Pushkin from Glinka, ... Nathan Gunn and Timothy McDevitt in PBS "Carousel" telecast ... Monday, April 22, 2013 ..... role of the Prisoner in Dallapiccola's Il Prigioniero at Opéra de Lyon.

The Observer-Dispatch Obituaries Today: All of The ...
2 days ago - She is survived by children, Mark (Shelly) Miller, of Sauquoit, Gregg (Danielle) ..... Interment will be in St. Stanislaus Bishop and Martyr Cemetery, Whitestown. ... A graveside service will be held on Friday, April 22, 2016, at 3:00 p.m., ... Andrew and Alexander Klockowski; great-grandson, Jaxon Hughes; ...

Fox's Book of Martyrs by John Foxe - Calvary Community ...
April 18, 2011 · April 19, 2010 · April 20, 2009 · April 21, 2014 · April 21,2008 · April 22, 2013 · April 23, 2012 · April 4,2011 · April .... Timothy was the celebrated disciple of St. Paul, and bishop ... About this time Alexander, bishop of Rome, with his two deacons, .... particularly at Lyons, where the tortures to which many of the

Killing The Two Witnesses Of Revelation 11 – End Times ...
Pope Alexander III being informed by the bishop of Lyons of these transactions, ..... You can read the gruesome details as recorded in Fox's Book of Martyrs. ..... David April 22, 2015 at 8:37 am .... Mark of the Beast and the Mark of God - new!

[PDF]Divine Mercy Sunday.pdf - Sacred Heart of Jesus Roman ...
7 Apr 2016 - Alexander U. Agbata, Parochial Vicar (X 109). • Rev. Richard E. ... Mrs. Georgette Lyons, Director ..... Friday April 22, 2016 7:45pm ... Join Fr. Mark Matthias as he leads a reflection on the wonders ... American Martyrs Church.

2oo Martyrs of the First - Yumpu
2oo Martyrs of the First CHAP, x SS. LI.] Epipodius and Alexander. 201 bidden by the emperor? But you shall shortly pay the penalty."

Liturgical Calendar for 2007 - The Lectionary Page
3 Jul 2004 - Fabian, Bishop and Martyr. 21. Third Sunday after ... 26. Timothy and Titus, 27 .... The Martyrs of Lyons. 3 ... Alexander Crummell, 1898, 11, 12

Epipodius - Worldwizzy
30 Nov 2006 - Their feast day is April 22. Epipodius was a native of Lyon; Alexander was said to be of Greek origin. They were both martyred during the reign ...

Saint Michael Center for the Blessed Virgin Mary
These two notable Roman soldiers were martyred under the rule of the cruel Julian the ... Pope Alexander then sent Anthelm to England to mediate the dispute .... His body and relics were placed in the Church of St. John in Lyons. .... St. Mary was the mother of Saint Mark the Evangelist, whose full name was John Mark. » 2013 » April » 22
22 Apr 2013 - 1815: George Lyon, career thief and possible poltergeist - 2015; 1831: .... Tags: 1700s, 1705, abdias maurel, alexandre dumas, april 22, ...

HoBo: week by week
25 Apr 2014 - ... Library Seminar - Dr Tom Freeman: The Making of John Foxe's Book of Martyrs ... Week beginning April 22, 2013 ... Lectureship 2013 - Professor Mark Rose: Two Authors in Court: Alexander Pope and J.D. Salinger ..... (ENSSIB, Lyon): Lyon in the 18th Century; official production, counterfeits and piracies.

Catholic News World
Saint April 22 : St. Opportuna : Virgin #Abbess ... the Queen to mark her 90th birthday by including such an intention in the Bidding Prayers and by reciting at the ...

The End Time: Sunday Martyr Moment: Sanctus, Blandina ...
25 Aug 2013 - In graphic detail, he offers accounts of Christians being martyred for their belief ... the emperor; but we find that it soon after raged in France, particularly at Lyons, ... REF: Mark 6:31 ALSO after John was beheaded, Jesus Himself went .... Sunday Martyr Moment: Alexander of Rome, Zenon, Fa. ... April ( 22 ).

[PDF]The Pocket Guide to the Popes - El Camino Santiago
... Sts. Peter and Paul, were martyred and buried in Rome that the papacy, from ... umenical Council of Lyons in 1274 claimed for the Roman church “the .... of Jesus' healing of Peter's mother-in-law (Mark 1:29–. 31) and from Paul's ..... Alexander is regarded by Catholic tradition as the fifth successor of .... Feast day: April 22.

[PDF]2006 - The Society for French Historical Studies
21 Apr 2006 - Champaign, Co-President. Mark Micale, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, .... Comment: Amelia Lyons, University of Illinois at. Urbana- ... Saturday, April 22. 4F. French ... Leonard Smith, Oberlin College: Republican Martyrdom in Soldiers' ... Frieda Fuchs, College of Wooster: Alexandre Millerand,.

Popes Catholic - LNG Plants INDEX
At Rome, St. Anacletus, pope and martyr, who governed the Church of God after St. ... 105-116 Pope St. Alexander I Roman by birth ruled the Church in reign of ..... 336 St. Julius elected Pope to succeed Pope St. Mark on February 6, 337 built ..... (Italian: Ildebrando di Soana), was pope from April 22, 1073, until his death.

British Royal Births, Marriages, Deaths and Other Important ...
February 23, 1960 – Death of Alexander, Marquess of Carisbrooke, ... March 1, 1955 – Birth of Timothy Laurence, second husband of Princess ... March 18, 979 – Death of Edward the Martyr at Corfe Castle, Dorset; buried at Wareham Abbey, Dorset .... April 22, 1433 – Wedding of John, Duke of Bedford, son of Henry IV, and ...

April 20, 1989 - Death Notices | Chicago Tribune Archive
20 Apr 1989 - LYONS William Lyons beloved husband of Erma nee Condlt loving of Richard .... Rd to Queen of Martyrs Church Mass 9:30 Interment St Casimlr Cemetery Mem .... Funeral Home Ltd 2921 Harlem Ave Berwyn on Saturday April 22, ... fond brother of Senator Ethel Skyles Alexander and Delores June Harper ...

[PDF]Annual Report 2008–2010 | Dumbarton Oaks Research ...
Photography: Joseph Mills, Alexandre Tokovinine. Cover: courtesy ..... Sylvie Yona Waksman, Université Lyon 2, “Istanbul Ceramic. Workshops ... Mark Jackson, Newcastle University, “The Byzantine Rural Settlement at Kilise Tepe” ..... Ken Holum, University of Maryland, “An Early Christian Martyr Church ... April 22, 2010.

The Maccabee International - המכבי: 21st Century Roman ...
15 Oct 2010 - St. Timothy * St. Paula * St. Margaret of Hungary * St. Alberic * St. Ansurius .... St. Scholastica * Bl. Alexander of Lugo * St. Andrew * St. Aponius * St. ..... April 22 * St. Abdiesus * St. Acepsimas * St. Apelles * St. Arwald * St. Authaire ..... St. Alexander * St. Bodfan * St. John de Ortega * Martyrs of Lyons * St.

28 Jun 2014 - Born in Asia Minor, Irenaeus (c. 125-c. 202) later migrated to far-distant Gaul, and became bishop of Lyons. Tradition adds that he was a martyr, ...

A Catholic Life: Catholic Feast Days
7 Sep 2005 - ... Mar 9th St. Frances of Rome; Mar 10th The Forty Holy Martyrs of ... Apr 25th St. Mark the Evangelist; Greater Litanies (Major Rogation Day) ... May 3rd Finding of the Holy Cross; Com. of St. Alexander I, Sts. Eventius and ... St. Irenaeus of Lyons; Com. of Octave of St. John the Baptist and Vigil ..... April (22).

Epipodius Alexander: Updated News, Videos, Wiki and ...
Saints Epipodius and Alexander, martyrs at Lyons, 2nd century ... April 22 feast day: Acepsimas of Hnaita and companions (Catholic Church) Epipodius and ...

Calvin Crane Pendleton - Photos and Stories ...
Joseph Smith was martyred in Carthage jail on 27 June 1844. .... Joseph and his family moved from Winter Quarters to Lyons, Wisconsin where he died in 1879. ... Calvin's 4th wife was Sarah Malinda Alexander. ... The Editor of the Utah Historical Quarterly refers to Mark Pendleton as “the son of Dr. Calvin Crane Pendleton, ...

LGBT Victims - Gay History Wiki
26 Feb 2015 - To some they could be considered martyrs, to others victims. But what ever the ... 1556, Dominique Phinot, Lyon, France, G, 46, Composer ? ? 1566, Unnamed .... 1829, Alexander Sergeyevich Griboyedov, Russia? .... 1973, April 22, Unidentified #3, Sunset Beach, Ca, G, 20 ? strangled, Randy Kraft. 1973 ...

Mike and Sharon Rusten | LifeCoach4God
He made his mark as a Methodist circuit rider and missionary. ..... Royal regiments martyred Scottish Presbyterians at will. ... In 1682 Covenanter pastor Alexander Peden performed the wedding ceremony for John Brown and .... She also made prophecies, which were recorded in a letter written from Lyons on April 22, 1429.

Morbid Anatomy
Dates: Friday, April 22 – Sunday, April 24h ..... The Beauty, Truth and Terror of THE TWILIGHT ZONE, An Illustrated Lecture with Chris Alexander Friday, July 1st ...

Book of Saints – Epipodius | CatholicSaints.Info
29 Dec 2012 - EPIPODIUS (Saint) Martyr (April 22) (2nd century) A young Christian of Lyons, who with his friend Alexander was discovered in the ...

londinoupolis: August 2014
1 Aug 2014 - The event will take place at Alexander the Great, Greek Restaurant in Camden Town (8 Plender Street, NW1 0JT). ... St Irenaeus of Lyons .... the faith, suffering persecution for Jesus Christ and finally martyrdom. .... [4] Ware, Timothy, The Orthodox Church, (London, Penguin Books, 1997), p. ..... April (22).

[PDF]BRUCE T. MORRILL, S.J. Theology Department Telephone ...
Alexander Schmemann: Liturgy for the Life of the World,” with Don E. Saliers. ... “Gregory of Nazianzus, Bishop of Constantinople,” “Justin, Martyr at Rome,” and “Irenaeus,. Bishop of Lyons." In For All the ... Review of Toward a Theology of the Body by Mary Timothy Prokes. ..... Employee Development Office, April 22, 1998.

February | 2015 | ModeOfLife › 2015
28 Feb 2015 - Armenia has arguably produced more martyrs than anywhere else, given ... Faith By Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith – Wednesday, 4 February 2015 ...

Long John Nebel Papers An inventory of his papers at ...
Oversize 36, (nebel_0716) April 22, 1967 Jean Shepherd, ? ..... Oversize 21, (nebel_0416-0417) April 28, 1966 "The Martyrs" (aired 1966 July 13, .... April 16, repeated 1967 October 31) David Lyon, Sanford Teller, Al Lottman (2 reels) .... 12) Dr. Eliot Liebow, Dr. Howard Miller, Alexander Exum, Bradford Crandall (3 reels).

Pilgrimages | Catholic Answers
Especially would this be felt in the case of the martyrs; for their passion and death ... Cruse, London, 1868, VI, xi, 215), it is remarked of Bishop Alexander that "he .... 191, Lyons, 1522):—"There are some who keep their pilgrimages and .... people to the Faith (Champagnac, I, 342-62; Hales in "Academy", April 22, 1882, 287).

The Banana Republican: January 2010
31 Jan 2010 - St. Alexander I (106-115) 8. .... {5} Why would St. Matthew omit "the hired men" from St. Mark's ... of Lyons [Against Heresies 3:10:5], and probably St. Justin Martyr and the ... {10} In the third century, Priest St. Hippolytus the Martyr of Rome ...... April 22."{5} Pope Urban VIII of Rome (1623-1644) transferred his ...

Thoughts of Francis Turretin: Justin Martyr Discussing the ...
18 Mar 2007 - Justin Martyr Discussing the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper .... Timothy (who also commented on the the Holy Catholic Church post) submitted a response here, but it ... Sunday, April 22, 2007 2:34:00 PM ...... Alcohol · Alexander · Alexander Greco · Alexander of Alexandria · Alexander VI · Alexander Whyte ...

Stage Raw: Completeness | L.A. Weekly
21 Apr 2011 - COMPREHENSIVE THEATER LISTINGS FOR April 22 - 28, 2011. Our critics ... Rebecca Haithcoat, Mayank Keshaviah, Deborah Klugman, Amy Lyons, Steven ... THE PRISONER OF SECOND AVENUE Jason Alexander and Gina Hecht star in .... Mark Taper Forum, 135 N. Grand Ave., L.A., (213) 628-2772.

Related to: Oct 30 - Holy Martyr Hermengild | Ancient Faith ...
Mar 23 - Monk-Martyr Nikon And 199 Disciples In Sicily. March 22, 2010 ... Holy Apostle and Evangelist Mark. April 25, 2013 ... Hieromartyr Irenaeus, Bishop of Lyons. August 23 ... Holy Martyrs Alexander and Antonina. June 9 .... April 22, 2011.

8 Jan 2016 - The story begins really with Justin Martyr who in his 1st Apology and ..... from Alexander the Great to the present day as a thriving metropolis.

Bibliography on Bishop B.C. Butler
... The Unity of the Catholic Church: Ancient Christian Martyrs, by Maurice Bévenot. ..... Review of The Journals of Kierkegaard, translated and edited by Alexander Dru. .... Review of Notes on St. Mark and St. Matthew, by Alex Pallis. ... Review of Irénée de Lyon contre les heresies, Book 3, translated by P. ..... April 22, 1963.

Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Virgin Protection: Scripture ...
24 Apr 1973 - Holy Tuesday. Martyr Savvas Stratelates the General of Rome and 70 soldiers with him (272) ... Martyr Alexander of Lyon. Hieromartyr Branko of ... Friday, April 22 6:00 pm ... Holy Monday Holy Apostle and Evangelist Mark

[PDF]Communion Breakfast – Sunday, April 22
you to make plans to attend our annual Communion Breakfast on April 22 where we will honor Bishop .... (Rosemary) and children Mark, Gary, Dan, Tom, .... Martyrs of El Salvador/ Their Letters ..... Alexander S. Makowski ..... Terence W. Lyons.

October - Bloggin fae the
31 Oct 2014 - April (22) .... Posted by Mark Thompson at Friday, October 31, 2014 0 comments ... Sir David Lindsay of the Mount, alias, Lyon, King of Arms, which had first been ... around the time that Patrick Hamilton was martyred at St Andrews in Fife, ... an edition of Alexander Montgomerie's The Cherrie and the Slae, ...

I was consecrated by three Archbishops: Most Rev
May 22, 1953, consecrated Henri Louis D'Autel (Archbishop, Lyon - 1966); Who on. November 10 ... St. Alexander I -- 109 to 116. 7. ... St. Mark -- Jan. ..... JOHANNES BON, as Bishop Haarlem, April 22, 1819. ... Ignatius I, Martyr -- 43 to 123. 4.

7 - Orthodox Calendar. HOLY TRINITY RUSSIAN ...
New Martyr Demetrius of Peloponnesus (1803) (celebration on the 3rd Sunday of Pascha) (Greek). Martyr ... Martyr Alexander of Lyons (177) (Gaul). St. Elias ... Mark 16:9-20 (3rd Matins Gospel) Acts 6:1-7 ... March 6 - April 22, – Great Lent. Alexander Language School Franchise Alexander Language Schools
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