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Jul 31, 2018

ASEAN News, Jul 31, 2018

The double burden of malnutrition in Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries: a comprehensive review of the literature.
CN Rachmi, M Li, LA Baur - Asia Pacific journal of clinical nutrition, 2018
The double burden of malnutrition (DBM)-a combination of undernutrition and
overnutrition-is a problem faced by many countries. This study aimed to
comprehensively review the DBM in ASEAN (Association of South East Asian …

Premises, Perils, and Promises of ASEAN Integration
DMMS Juan - Journal of Developing Societies, 2018
This article is aimed at analyzing the premises, perils, and promises of ASEAN
integration. Beyond examining the region's situation, this article will also draw
lessons from the European Union and various incipient Latin American integration …

M Irsan, J Budiman, E Fernando, DF Murad - PROSIDING SEMINAR NASIONAL & …, 2018
… The Government of Indonesia succeeded in incorporating two important
agendas in the agreement of the 9th ASEAN ASEAN countries' IIC Ministers
Meeting, one of which is ASEAN's strategic policy to promote green computing …

A “Normal” Regional Organization: Explaining Eurasian Integration
E Vinokurov - Introduction to the Eurasian Economic Union, 2018
… However, for a more objective analysis of the EAEU's structural features, successes, and
failures, it is useful to compare it with other major regional integration associations—NAFTA ,
MERCOSUR , Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf , ASEAN, and the South …

The International Cooperation to Eradicate Illicit Firearms Trafficking in Southeast Asian Region
AK Syahmin, F Fidelia - Sriwijaya Law Review, 2018
… Such movement specifically in ASEAN region is against national and regional laws. Hence,
the growth in illegal firearms trade increases concern to the Southeast Asian countries.
The article aims to examine effort to eradicate illegal firearms trafficking in ASEAN countries …

The Asian Stainless Steel Market: Trends, Issues and Prospects
P Chan-wook - Asian Steel Watch, 2018
… China's growth is not the totality of develop- ment in Asia, however. The
spreading influence India and the ASEAN nations should be taken into
account as well … The rapid growth in the stainless steel industry is clearly …

What's So Peaceful about Asian Peace?
B Hoffman, PF Diehl, A Owsiak, G Goertz, Y Gallegos - Asian International Studies …, 2018
논문검색,논문, 레포트,학술논문, 학회지, 학술논문검색, KCI등재학술지.

The economic effects of renewable energy expansion in the electricity sector: A CGE analysis for Malaysia
F Chatri, M Yahoo, J Othman - Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 2018
… A study by Birol [3] shows that Malaysia's expenditure of US$5.7 billion on subsidies for
the energy sector was the third-highest among the ASEAN-5 nations in 2010 and 2016
compared to the US$15.9 billion for Indonesia and US$8.5 billion for Thailand …

[PDF] The determinants of China's ODI to Southeast Asian countries: further evidence from count data model
M Wang, J Liu, S Sriboonchitta - Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 2018
… The net outflows of China's ODI into ASEAN reached 14.6 billion dollars in 2015,
increased by 87% compared with last year. However, the share of China's ODI into
ASEAN remained relatively small at 6.8 percent of total net …

[PDF] Comparison of entropy measures in generalized maximum entropy estimation
W Srichaikul, W Yamaka, P Maneejuk, S Sriboonchitta - Journal of Physics …, 2018
… at comparing the efficiency of different Entropy measures in generalized
maximum entropy estimation of the unknown parameters in macroeconomic
panel data models by investigating the impacts of foreign direct investment …

Maria Monica Wihardja and
SD Negara - Aspirations with Limitations: Indonesia's Foreign Affairs …, 2018
… This chapter examines Indonesia's key contributions in two of the arguably most important
international economic cooperation forums— the Association of Southeast Asian Nations
(ASEAN) and the Group of Twenty (G20) … The second examines Indonesia's role in ASEAN …

Indonesia's Diplomatic and Strategic Position under Yudhoyono
JD Ciorciari - Aspirations with Limitations: Indonesia's Foreign Affairs …, 2018
… Within the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), Yudhoyono sought a return
to recognition of Indonesia as primus inter pares. He sought to exert leadership by guiding
ASEAN's institutional evolution and mediating among feuding members …

Belt and Road: Culture and Communications Aiming at Great Unity
F Xu - The Belt and Road, 2018
… Asia Economic Union” of Russia, “Global Ocean Pivot” of Indonesia,
“Quadrangle Strategy” of Cambodia, “Turning a Landlocked Country into
a Land Connected Country” strategy of the Laos, the “Eurasia Initiative” of …

Advancing urban adaptation where it counts: reshaping unequal knowledge and resource diffusion in networked Indonesian cities
S Geldin - Environment and Urbanization, 2018
Climate adaptation literature vocalizes the need for transnational municipal networks
(TMNs) to expand activities in vulnerable medium-sized cities, but little ...

First Term Right, Second Term Shy: A Review of Indonesia's Economic Links with Key Trading Partners
M Habir - Aspirations with Limitations: Indonesia's Foreign Affairs …, 2018
… rest were the European Asian Bank (now Deutsche Bank), Standard Chartered
and Hong Kong Shanghai Bank (both currently based in the United Kingdom),
and Bangkok Bank, the sole bank from a member country within the …

(Un) framing Language Policy and Reform in Southeast Asia
R Tupas - RELC Journal, 2018
This article explores language policy in Southeast Asia, focussing on two recent state
and other institutional reform efforts and directions: one towards Englis...

Proceed with caution: Potential challenges and risks of developing healthcare tourism in Indonesia
Y Mahendradhata - Global public health, 2018
… 2. Healthcare tourism in Southeast Asia. Southeast Asia consists of the ten countries
located along the continental arcs and offshore archipelagos of Asia, collectively known
as the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) …

China-Russia Relations in Times of Crisis: A Neoclassical Realist Explanation
A Korolev, V Portyakov - Asian Perspective, 2018
… Simultaneously, Russia called for adherence to the 1982 UN Con- vention
on the Law of the Sea and supported the implementation of the 2002
Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)–China Declaration on …

Sino-Russian Relations in the 21st Century
JI Bekkevold, B Lo - 2018

The Aceh Peace Process: Wheeling and Dealing behind Closed Doors
G Stange, A Missbach - Aspirations with Limitations: Indonesia's Foreign Affairs …, 2018
… On the other hand, to prove to being able to end the conflict in Aceh was
crucial for the credibility of SBY's broader foreign policy approach as he
pressed for Indonesia's role to lead not only within ASEAN (Association …

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