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Jul 31, 2018

CLIMATE News, Jul 31, 2018

Reducing uncertainties in climate models
BJ Soden, WD Collins, DR Feldman - Science, 2018
Radiative forcing is a fundamental quantity for understanding both anthropogenic
and natural changes in climate. It measures the extent to which human activities
[such as the emission of carbon dioxide (CO 2), see the image] and natural events …

Survey data on cost and benefit analysis for climate-smart agricultural (CSA) in the Coastal Savannah Agro-ecological Zone of Ghana
SK Ng'ang'a, CM Mwungu, V Miller, G Essegbey… - 2018
This repository contains survey data on cost-benefit analysis of climate-smart
agricultural practices in Coastal Savannah Agro-ecological Zone of Ghana. The data
is organized in tables using Microsoft Excel. The Tables contains general …

[PDF] Promoting LPG, clean woodburning cookstoves or both? Climate change mitigation implications of integrated household energy transition scenarios in rural Mexico
M Serrano-Medrano, CA GarcĂ­a-Bustamante… - Environmental Research …, 2018
This study examines the expected mitigation of greenhouse gases (GHG) and black
carbon (BC) emissions associated to the transition from traditional biomass to clean
fuels and clean woodburning cookstoves (CCS) in the Mexican residential sector for …

Review of Climate Services Governance Structures: Case Studies from Mali, Jamaica, and India
A Kruczkiewicz, S Sayeed, J Hansen, J Furlow, A Rose… - 2018
The development of sustainable climate services is acknowledged as a key step in
building climate-smart practices. Further, it has been noted that successful and
sustainable climate services have structures of governance that are coherent and …

Facilitating Change for Climate-Smart Agriculture through Science-Policy Engagement
D Dinesh, RB Zougmore, J Vervoort, E Totin… - Sustainability, 2018
Climate change impacts on agriculture have become evident, and threaten the
achievement of global food security. On the other hand, the agricultural sector itself is
a cause of climate change, and if actions are not taken, the sector might impede the …

The association between organizational cultural competence and teamwork climate in a network of primary care practices.
T Kumra, YJ Hsu, TL Cheng, JA Marsteller, M McGuire… - Health care management …, 2018
A health system's commitment to delivering culturally competent care is essential in
creating a culture of respect for patients, clinicians, and administrative staff. As the
diversity of the health care workforce grows, gaining an understanding of the …

Climate control: The relationship between social identity threat and cues to an identity-safe culture.
W Hall, T Schmader, A Aday, M Inness, E Croft - Journal of personality and social …, 2018
Social identity threat has been proposed as a key contributor to the
underrepresentation of women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math
(STEM), but little research has sought to pinpoint naturally occurring contextual …

Can ecosystem functioning be maintained despite climate-driven shifts in species composition? Insights from novel marine forests
A Pessarrodona, D Smale, A Foggo - 2018
Author manuscripts deposited to comply with open access mandates are made
available in accordance with publisher policies. Please cite only the published
version using the details provided on the item record or document. In the absence of …

Distinct mechanisms of ocean heat transport into the Arctic under internal variability and climate change
D Oldenburg, KC Armour, LA Thompson, CM Bitz - Geophysical Research Letters, 2018
Northward ocean heat transport (OHT) plays a key role in Arctic climate variability
and change. Unforced climate model simulations suggest that at decadal and longer
timescales, strengthened Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) is …

Non-monsoonal precipitation response over the Western Himalayas to climate change
R Krishnan, TP Sabin, RK Madhura, RK Vellore… - Climate Dynamics, 2018
Winter-to-early spring non-monsoonal precipitation over the Western Himalayas
(WH) primarily comes from eastward propagating synoptic-scale weather systems
known as western disturbances (WDs). Earlier studies have noted that an increasing …

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