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Jul 31, 2018

FINANCIAL News, Jul 31, 2018

Gauging procyclicality and financial vulnerability in Asia through the BIS banking and financial statistics
S Avdjiev, HS Shin - 2018
We look back at past episodes of financial stress in Asia with a forward-looking
perspective. We put ourselves in the shoes of a contemporary observer with the data
at hand and ask what evidence was available on the systematic build-up of …

Predicting the likelihood and severity of financial crises over the medium term with a cyclical systemic risk indicator
C Detken, S Fahr, JH Lang - Financial Stability Review, 2018
This special feature presents a tractable, transparent and broad-based cyclical
systemic risk indicator (CSRI) that captures risks stemming from domestic credit, real
estate markets, asset prices, external imbalances and cross-country spillovers. The …

Family law: Financial agreements-still a good idea?
G Lai - Proctor, The, 2018
The husband, a divorcee with three adult children, owned assets worth between $18
million and $24 million, while the wife had no substantial assets and spoke limited
English. Seven months after they met, she had moved to Australia to marry him. Only …

Credit Card and Financial Well-Being Among Females
DB Santos, W Mendes-Da-Silva, JM Norvilitis… - … Technologies for Financial …, 2019
The literature documents the impact of credit card use on people's financial well-
being, including special interest in women's credit card behavior. This chapter
examines predictors of the financial well-being for female college students living in …

Financial aspects of reclaimed wastewater irrigation in three sugarcane production areas in the Upper Cauca river Basin, Colombia
A Galvis, MF Jaramillo, P van der Steen, HJ Gijzen - Agricultural Water Management, 2018
Treated wastewater may be reused for crop irrigation. This contributes to recovery of
water and nutrients, and at the same time it helps to reduce pollution discharge to
receiving water bodies. Despite these advantages of reuse of treated wastewater …

Faculty Perspectives on Financial Capability and Asset Building in Social Work Education: A Research Report
MS Sherraden - 2018
This report is based on a study conducted in collaboration with the Council on Social
Work Education. The report presents findings from a national online survey of social
work faculty. Results identify financial and economic (F&E) content taught in the …

Financial mobilization for antiretroviral therapy program: multi-level predictors of willingness to pay among patients with HIV/AIDS in Vietnam
BX Tran, M Fleming, CT Nguyen, CA Latkin - AIDS care, 2018
In Vietnam, significant progress has been made in increasing the number of patients
receiving antiretroviral therapy (ART) in the last number of years. As this number
increases and international aid and funding for HIV services declines, a greater …

A Toolkit for Expanding Financial Capability at Tax Time
G Davison - 2018
This work expands upon The Volunteer Income Tax Preparer's Toolkit: Showing
Clients Why Tax Time is the Right Time to Save, a 2015 Toolkit by the Center for
Social Development. This new offering presents the current evidence underpinning …

Boiling the Frog Slowly: The Immersion of C-Suite Financial Executives into Fraud
I Suh, JT Sweeney, K Linke, JM Wall - Journal of Business Ethics, 2018
This study explores how financial executives retrospectively account for their
crossing the line into financial statement fraud while acting within or reacting to a
financialized corporate environment. We conduct our investigation through face-to …

IT Strategy and Business Strategy Alignment: Assessing Risk of Misalignment in Large Financial Institutions
S Kamesh, S Jin - 2018
In many organizations, the anticipated value from IT investments is not being realized
and this is due to the lack of alignment between business and IT strategy. The two
are considered separate and managed accordingly in many organizations. IT …

Derivatives Usage, CEO Characteristics and Financial Risk Management
LK Phua, CL Lok, D Setiawan - ICMLG 2018 6th International Conference on …, 2018
Proliferation of international transactions has created more opportunities to maximize
business profits but at the same time businesses are also exposed to greater level of
financial risks that in turn may significantly impact their bottom line. In developed …

U Uwuigbe, ED Felix, OR Uwuigbe, O Teddy, F Irene - 2018
This study investigated the influence of Corporate governance on the timeliness of
financial reports of listed banks in Nigeria. In order to provide answers to the
research questions raised in this study, data were generated from the annual report …

A new financial stability risk index to predict the near-term risk of recession
A Deghi, P Welz, D Żochowski - Financial Stability Review, 2018
The real economy repercussions of financial crises are the ultimate focus of financial
stability monitoring and policymakers. By extending a standard set of financial
stability indicators with indicators capturing spillover and contagion risks, this special …

The Impact of Digital Transformation on Sourcing Strategies in the Financial Services Sector: Evolution or Revolution?
U Demirbas, H Gewald, B Moos - 2018
Digital transformation (DT) is a popular contemporary buzzword in the financial
services industry. In order to remain competitive, banks constantly evaluate and
adapt their digital strategies. One approach involves leveraging innovative digital …

[PDF] The Affordable Care Act Attenuates Financial Strain According to Poverty Level
RM McKenna, BA Langellier, HE Alcalá, DH Roby… - INQUIRY: The Journal of …, 2018
We use data from the 2011-2016 National Health Interview Survey to examine how
the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) has influenced disparities in
health care–related financial strain, access to care, and utilization of services by …

New Evidence for the Impact of Financial Agglomeration on Urbanization from a Spatial Econometrics Analysis
C Yea, C Sun, L Chen - Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
Research on the impact of financial agglomeration on urbanization has great
significance with regard to the cleaner development of low-carbon cities. Although
many empirical studies using geographical weights reveal that financial …

Understanding the impact of financial support on the experiences of university students with a disability, health condition or learning difference
J Johnson, R Spacey - 2018
We will present findings from an evaluation of financial support on students with
disabilities using the Office for Fair Access (OFFA) endorsed toolkit in relation to
access, support and retention at a post-1992 university in England. OFFA was set up …

ESG and Corporate Financial Performance: Empirical Evidence from China's Listed Power Generation Companies
C Zhao, Y Guo, J Yuan, M Wu, D Li, Y Zhou, J Kang - Sustainability, 2018
Nowadays, listed companies around the world are shifting from short-term goals of
maximizing profits to long-term sustainable environmental, social, and governance
(ESG) goals. People have come to realize that ESG has become an important source …

Expected returns and expected dividend growth in Europe: Legal origin, institutional, and financial determinants
D Rambaccussing, D Power - International Journal of Finance & Economics, 2018
This paper uses a present value approach to show that price movements for equity
indices in a sample of European stock markets can be traced to legal origin,
institutional, and corporate financial factors. The present value literature states that …

Supply Chain Network Equilibrium with Strategic Financial Hedging using Futures
Z Liu, J Wang - European Journal of Operational Research, 2018
In this paper, we develop a network equilibrium model for supply chain networks with
strategic financial hedging. We consider multiple competing firms that purchase
multiple materials and parts to manufacture their products. The supply chain firms' …

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