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Jul 31, 2018

CINEMA News, Jul 31, 2018

InfoSec Cinema: Using Films for Information Security Teaching
J Blasco, EA Quaglia - 2018 {USENIX} Workshop on Advances in Security …, 2018
We present InfoSec Cinema, a film-based teaching activity that uses commercial
films to teach information security. We analyse ten films to verify their suitability and
build a public and editable database of information security events from films. Our …

[PDF] Sex and Socialism in East German Cinema
K Frackman, F Stewart - Gender and Sexuality in East German Film: Intimacy …, 2018
This chapter introduces the volume on East German film. The chapter and the
volume it introduces surveys a range of depictions of gender and sexuality in East
German film and television, from stereotypical and ideologically compliant …

Blood Circuits: Contemporary Argentine Horror Cinema
J Risner - 2018
Examines how recent Argentine horror films engage with the legacies of dictatorship
and neoliberalism. Argentina is a dominant player in Latin American film, known for
its documentaries, detective films, melodramas, and auteur cinema. In the past …

[DOC] The cinema of Vietnam from 1986 to the present
T Kristina - 2018
The master's thesis is dedicated to the cinema of Vietnam from 1986 to the present.
The purpose of the current research is the analysis of Vietnamese cinema since
1986 in the context of socio-political development. The work consists of an …

Fade In, Crossroads: A History of the Southern Cinema by Robert Jackson
M McCarroll - Journal of Southern History, 2018
In Fade In, Crossroads: A History of the Southern Cinema, Robert Jackson weaves
together with intricate skill the histories of not only southern film and the South on
screen but also filmmaking and film screening in the South. While this encyclopedic …

Nollywood in Rio: An Exploration of Brazilian Audience Perception of Nigerian Cinema
K Ewing - Art, Creativity, and Politics in Africa and the Diaspora, 2018
Nigerian movies or Nollywood, both on the African continent and abroad, serve as an
innovative cultural device that inspire many producers and audiences worldwide.
The ingenuity of some Nigerian productions has been acknowledged in many …

Cinema contested: regulation of cinema in the late Ottoman Empire
O Çeliktemel-Thomen - 2018
Cinema Contested explores cinema regulations of the late Ottoman Empire (1890s-
1920s). The dissertation uses Ottoman Turkish, French, Turkish, and US archival
sources to delineate the intentions of regulators, the practises and the impact of …

The European producer: Simon Perry
AH Spicer - Journal of British Cinema and Television, 2018
This is the first detailed interview with Simon Perry, an important independent
producer and who was CEO of British Screen from 1991-2000 during which he help
to support a range of British films that would otherwise not have been produced …

Goodbye to Latin America. The erring man in Lisandro Alonso's cinema.
CF Alvarado Duque - Communication & Society, 2018
This article explores the work of argentinian director Lisandro Alonso starting from
the nomadic man figure to the contemporary wanderer that no longer finds a place in
the modern cities. In what way does Alonso's work offer a new cartography of …

Indigenous Media and Political Imaginaries in Contemporary Bolivia
B Larson - 2018
… practice. They jostled for a place in the emerging New Latin American Cinema
movement that conceived of cinema, especially documentaries, as an instrument
of revolutionary polemic, political action, and social transformation …

Film as Philosophy ed. by Bernd Herzogenrath
W Luers - Leonardo, 2018
… philosophy around the subject of film. With each essay, a post-cinema scholar explores
a twentieth-century thinker who witnessed and con- tributed to cinema as an
expressive medium. Eisenstein, Epstein, Artaud, Balázs, Bazin …

Multiplex Quantification of Metals in Airborne Particulate Matter via Smartphone and Paper-based Microfluidics
H Sun, Y Jia, H Dong, L Fan, J Zheng - Analytica Chimica Acta, 2018
… Digested PM sample is transferred to the chip for colorimetric assay. A 3-D printed chip
cinema is used to simplify consecutive chip-to-chip assays and control the object distance
and luminance consistency … 3.3. Hand-held Chip Cinema …

Rethinking representations of identity in contemporary Francophone West African cinemas
M Kukolova - 2018
… Using textual analysis as a base for its arguments, this thesis is underpinned
by an interdisciplinary theoretical framework that combines extensive
contextual research into various West African practices, rituals and beliefs …

The" Miró Decree" and its impact on the production of films dealing with ETA violence (1983-1989).
J Martínez Álvarez - Communication & Society, 2018
… 262 2. “For Change”: the model for providing an economic boost to the cinema Page 3.
ISSN 2386-7876 – © 2018 Communication & Society 31(3), 261-279 263 Page 4 … Source:
Ministry of Culture. Institute for the Cinema and Audiovisual Arts (ICAA). Page 5 …

[PDF] Cosmocinepolítica tikm'n-maxakali: ensaio sobre a invenção de uma cultura e de um cinema indígena (Dossiê Olhares Cruzados)
RC de Queiroz, RO Diniz - GIS-Gesto, Imagem e Som-Revista de Antropologia, 2018
Neste trabalho refletimos acerca dos Tikm'n (também chamado de Maxakali) e suas
maneiras de fazer cinema e ritual. Defendemos a ideia de que não se pode
compreender a maneira de filmar e fazer cinema maxakali se não compreendemos …

[DOC] The Image of a Soviet Woman in the American Cinema During the Cold War in the" Long Fifties"
S Olesia - 2018
Final qualifying work on the topic:«The image of a Soviet woman in American Cold
war movies during the" long fifties"». The introduction depict the relevance of the
work, describes the goals and objectives of the study. In the first chapter, American …

[DOC] Television and cinema: The Russian cinema shooting process on Russian television
O Maria - 2018
Abstract of thesis. Author: Maria Ostapova. TV and cinema: the Russian cinema
shooting process on Russian television. The relevance of this study:-the specific
approach on modern television to covering topics about the creation and promotion …

[DOC] Post-Apocalyptic Scenario in the American Cinema of the 1990s-2000s
V Kseniia - 2018
The thesis deals with the functioning of the post-apocalyptic scenario in the American
cinema of the 1990-2000s. The object of depiction and artistic understanding of post-
apocalyptic works is the life of survivors in the world after a global cataclysm. Post …

P March-Russell - Foundation, 2018
… Probably better known for her young adult and fantasy novels, Valente's Radiance is
an audacious alternate history that acts not only as a metacommentary on early pulp
science fiction but also cinema and its relationship to modernity …

[PDF] Apresentação do Dossiê Olhares Cruzados
PMD Lopes - GIS-Gesto, Imagem e Som-Revista de Antropologia, 2018
… The themes of cultural transmission, cinema, protagonism, shared production,
mediation, politics and interdisciplinarity pervade the five works in this dossier
and incite us to think about the contemporary paths traced by indigenous …

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