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Jul 31, 2018

ECOLOGY News, Jul 31, 2018

Functional Ecology and metabolics of the California moray (Gymnothorax mordax)
BA Higgins - 2018
Consistent pressures from overfishing and extirpation have led to the study and
conservation of many of the apex consumers within kelp forest ecosystems. Among
kelp forests, those of Southern California have been described as the most diverse in …

[PDF] Long-Term Changes in the Composition, Ecology, and Structure of Pinus mugo Scrubs in the Apennines (Italy)
V Calabrese, M Carranza, A Evangelista, M Marchetti… - 2018
Mountain ecosystems are vulnerable because of land-use and climate change. In
this study, we performed a re-visitation study using historical and newly collected
vegetation plots to explore the primary trends in the floristic, ecological, and structural …

Ecology of rotifers and their unappreciated source of nitrogen and phosphorus in temperate northeastern American bogs
LA Błędzki, JL Bubier, AM Ellison, TR Moore - Fundamental and Applied Limnology …, 2018
Peatlands are one of the world's most important ecosystems, storing approximately
30% of all terrestrial soil carbon as peat. Rotifers living in interstitial water within
Sphagnum mats and in pitchers of Sarracenia purpurea are capable of regenerating …

Functional groups differ in their mean traits, but not in their trait plasticity to increasing species richmess in local grassland communities
C Roscher, J Schumacher, A Lipowsky, M Gubsch… - Ecology, 2018
Plant functional traits may explain the positive relationship between species richness
and ecosystem functioning, but species‐level trait variation in response to growth
conditions is often ignored in trait‐based predictions of community performance. In a …

Effects of altered dry‐season length and plant inputs on soluble soil carbon
PM Homyak, JC Blankinship, EW Slessarev… - Ecology, 2018
Soil moisture controls microbial activity and soil carbon cycling. Because microbial
activity decreases as soils dry, decomposition of soil organic matter (SOM) is thought
to decrease with increasing drought length. Yet, microbial biomass and a pool of …

Acoustic ecology of humpback whales in Brazilian waters investigated with basic and sophisticated passive acoustic technologies over 17 years
RS Sousa-Lima, MH Engel, V Sábato, BR Lima… - Western Indian Ocean …, 2018
Whales are difficult to study. These large marine mammals cannot be maintained in
captivity so they have to be studied in nature, and observing their underwater
behavior becomes a challenge. The extensive distribution, large size, and aquatic …

[HTML] Ecology and Behavior of Native, Naturalized, and Invasive Ladybird Beetles
EW Riddick, AO Soares - Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 2018
Most ladybirds (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) are predators of insects and mites (Giorgi
et al., 2009; Weber and Lundgren, 2009). Their importance as biological control
agents has been recognized for many years. With the advent of increased …

The ecology of freshwater dinoflagellates
Ø Moestrup, AJ Calado - Süßwasserflora von Mitteleuropa, Bd. 6-Freshwater …, 2018
Dinoflagellates have complex life cycles that include haploid vegetative cells, diploid
sexual stages and different cyst stages (Fig. 6). In seasonally variable environments,
phases of rapid asexual cell proliferation are typically restricted to nutrient‐replete …

Taking the elephants' perspective: Remembering elephant behaviour, cognition and ecology in human-elephant conflict mitigation
HS Mumby, JM Plotnik - Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 2018
Conflict between humans and wildlife is an increasing problem worldwide due to
human population growth and habitat fragmentation, with growing interest amongst
scientists and conservationists in developing novel solutions towards sustainable …

Plant genotypic diversity interacts with predation risk to influence an insect herbivore across its ontogeny
WC Wetzel, NC Aflitto, JS Thaler - Ecology, 2018
A growing number of studies have manipulated intraspecific plant diversity and found
dramatic changes in the densities of associated insect herbivores and their
predators. While these studies have been essential for quantifying the net ecological …

Advances in the Chemical Ecology of the Spotted Wing Drosophila (Drosophila suzukii) and its Applications
KR Cloonan, J Abraham, S Angeli, Z Syed… - … of Chemical Ecology, 2018
Significant progress has been made in understanding the cues involved in the host
and mate seeking behaviors of spotted wing drosophila, Drosophila suzukii
(Matsumura). This insect pest has been discovered in many fruit growing regions …

Grazers affect selection on inflorescence height both directly and indirectly and effects change over time
M Thomann, J Ehrlén, J Ågren - Ecology, 2018
Selection mediated by one biotic agent will often be modified by the presence of
other biotic interactions, and the importance of such indirect effects might change
over time. We conducted an 11‐year field experiment to test the prediction that large …

Kabbalah and Ecology: God's Image in the More‐than‐Human World, David Mevorach Seidenberg, Cambridge University Press, 2016 (ISBN 978‐1‐107‐44144‐6) …
D Garner - Reviews in Religion & Theology, 2018
Along with theorizing the human–divine relationship, the attempt to conceptualize the
ethical relationship between human beings has been at the heart of Abrahamic
theological reflection for millennia. How do we, as finite creatures, relate to the …

Decline and Restoration Ecology of Australian Seagrasses
J Statton, KW Dixon, AD Irving, EL Jackson… - Seagrasses of Australia, 2018
Since the first version of this book almost 30 years ago, significant losses of seagrass
meadows have continued to be reported from around Australia as a result of natural
and human induced perturbations. Conservative estimates indicate losses over the …

[PDF] The effects of habitat and connectivity on tropical ant ecology and behavior.
BJ Adams - 2018
This dissertation explores the role that physical connections among and within
habitats play in determining the local diversity and behaviors of cursorial organisms.
Understanding the processes that regulate local community assembly and that …

A review of the global distribution of Alexandrium minutum (Dinophyceae) and comments on ecology and associated paralytic shellfish toxin profiles, with a focus on …
AM Lewis, LN Coates, AD Turner, L Percy, J Lewis - Journal of phycology, 2018
Alexandrium minutum is a globally distributed harmful algal bloom species with
many strains that are known to produce paralytic shellfish toxins (PST s) and
consequently represent a concern to human and ecosystem health. This review …

[PDF] Emiliania huxleyi coccolith calcite mass modulation by morphological changes and ecology in the Mediterranean Sea
B D'Amario, P Ziveri, M Grelaud, A Oviedo - PloS one, 2018
To understand the response of marine calcifying organisms under high CO2
scenarios, it is critical to study their calcification patterns in the natural environment.
This paper focuses on a major calcifying phytoplankton group, the coccolithophores …

[HTML] Seasonal ecology of a migratory nectar-feeding bat at the edge of its range
WF Frick, PA Heady, AD Earl, MC Arteaga… - Journal of Mammalogy, 2018
Migratory species that cross geopolitical boundaries pose challenges for
conservation planning because threats may vary across a species' range and multi-
country collaboration is required to implement conservation action plans. The lesser …

Ecology, cytology and phylogeny of the snow alga Scotiella cryophila K-1 (Chlamydomonadales, Chlorophyta) from the Austrian Alps
D Remias, L Procházková, A Holzinger, L Nedbalová - Phycologia, 2018
Long-lasting, slowly melting snowfields in mountainous regions are frequently
populated by specialised microalgae whose diversity is still vastly underestimated.
Cysts causing sub-surficial green snow were collected in the Austrian Alps, Tyrol …

Soil Salinity and Microbes: Diversity, Ecology, and Biotechnological Potential
D Egamberdieva, K Davranov, S Wirth - … in Eurasian Ecosystems: Ecology, Diversity …, 2018
Soil salinity is a severe problem worldwide to crop production and ecosystems
because it disturbed soil biological processes and microbial functioning. The
adverse effects of salt stress on soil microbial activity and populations have been …

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