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Jul 31, 2018

HEALTH News, Jul 31, 2018

Air Health Trend Indicator: Association between Short-Term Exposure to Ground Ozone and Circulatory Hospitalizations in Canada for 17 Years, 1996⁻ 2012.
HH Shin, WS Burr, D Stieb, L Haque, H Kalayci, B Jovic… - … research and public health, 2018
Abstract The Air Health Trend Indicator is designed to estimate the public health risk
related to short-term exposure to air pollution and to detect trends in the annual
health risks. Daily ozone, circulatory hospitalizations and weather data for 24 cities …

What are the motivating and hindering factors for health professionals to undertake new roles in hospitals? A study among physicians, nurses and managers looking …
J Köppen, CB Maier, R Busse, C Bond, M CO-PI… - Health Policy, 2018
Abstract Background Many European countries experience health workforce skill-mix
challenges due to demographic changes, multimorbidity and medical technology.
Yet, there is limited cross-country research in hospitals. Methods Cross sectional …

Baseline health survey for displaced population in Daquq IDP camp, Daquq district, Kirkuk governate, Iraq.
S Downing, A Ramirez, K Bil, MR Siddiqui, B Omar - 2018
2. Survey objectives 2.1. Primary objective To estimate the vaccination coverage for
key vaccine preventable diseases in children aged 6-59 months and the prevalence
of key morbidities in the population. 2.2. Secondary objective• To describe the …

Association between aflatoxin exposure and health characteristics, liver function, hepatitis and malaria infections in Ghanaians
JH Williams, CM Jolly, O Adjei, JS Wang, JK Stiles… - 2018
We examined the relationship between various health parameters and aflatoxin B1
(AFB1) albumin adduct levels in plasma. Design. A cross-sectional field study was
conducted in four villages in the Ashanti region of Ghana. A survey on socio …

25 years of pain education research–what have we learned? Findings from a comprehensive scoping review of research into pre-registration pain education for health …
T Kate, J Mark, M James, B Michelle - PAIN, 2018
The International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) have designated 2018 as
the global year for excellence in pain education. Despite advances in pain research,
there remains an inadequate understanding and implementation of pain education …

Mental health literacy of internally displaced Iraqi young people and their parents in Iraq: paving the way for mental health education and promotion in vulnerable …
E Hitchman, S Slewa-Younan, N Lunenborg, K Bil… - 2018
4. Objectives 4.1 Primary objectives To determine levels of MHL relating to trauma
related mental health disorders, namely posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and
depression among the displaced Iraqi young people in northern Iraq (see study …

Mental health literacy of internally displaced Syrian young people and their parents in Syria: paving the way for mental health education and promotion in vulnerable …
E Hitchman, S Slewa-Younan, V Cramond, K White… - 2018
4. Objectives 4.1 Primary objective To determine levels of MHL relating to trauma
related mental health disorders, namely posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and
depression among the displaced Syrian young people in northern Syria (see study …

Psychometric properties of the World Health Organization WHOQOL-BREF Quality of Life assessment in Singapore
L Suárez, B Tay, F Abdullah - Quality of Life Research, 2018
Purpose This study validated the World Health Organization Quality of Life
(WHOQOL-BREF) questionnaire with 3400 respondents living in Singapore.
Methods The ethnic composition was 76.1% Chinese, 12.3% Malay, 9.6% Indian …

Drama and theatre for health and well-being
T Wall, J Fries, N Rowe, N Malone, E Österlind - 2018
The rock art of indigenous communities from 20,000 years ago have been
interpreted as early indications of how humans have connected performance, in a
broad sense, with the health and well-being of their communities (Fleischer and …

Promoting Evidence-Based Public Health Recommendations to Support Reductions in Infant and Child Mortality: The Role of National Scientific Advisory Groups …
JR Duncan, RW Byard - 2018
Public health programs are tasked with using the best available evidence to make
informed decisions in supporting campaigns, guidelines, policies, and advice in
order to improve the health and wellbeing of countries, communities, families, and …

Everyday, Local, Nearby, Healthy Childhoodnature Settings as Sites for Promoting ChildrenTs Health and Well-Being
J Dyment, M Green - 2018
In this chapter, we highlight the central role that healthy, vibrant, and functioning
“everyday, local, and nearby” childhoodnature ecosystems can play in both keeping
children healthy and in helping them to understand the relationship between …

Designing Incentive-Pricing Mechanisms to Promote Health Information Exchange
S Eftekhari, N Yaraghi, R Gopal, R Ramesh - 2018
The central motivation for a Health Information Exchange (HIE) system is enabling
healthcare providers to share and access patients' electronic medical information
(Vest et al. 2015). While patients and insurance companies receive tangible benefits …

Reliability and validity of the Chinese version of the Medical Outcomes Study HIV Health Survey (MOS-HIV) in people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) in China.
J Liu, Y Zhu, B Qu - PloS one, 2018
The aim of the study was to assess the psychometric properties of the Medical
Outcomes Study HIV Health Survey (MOS-HIV) in people living with HIV/AIDS
(PLWHA) in mainland China. A cross-sectional survey was conducted in 646 PLWHA …

What makes health visiting successful–or not? 2. Principles of the service journey
S Cowley, M Malone, K Whittaker, S Donetto, A Grigulis… - Journal of Health Visiting, 2018
This is the second of two papers reporting evidence from a programme of research
that focused on how health visiting works, including service user and workforce
perspectives. Evidence and professional expertise indicate that a set of essential …

Assessing the Usability of a Prototype Emergency Medicine Patient-Centered Electronic Health Record Display
T Kim, A Bisantz, N Benda, D LaVergne, J Blumenthal… - 2018 IEEE International …, 2018
In light of issues arising from the transition from manual to electronic patient status
boards in the emergency department, this study takes a cognitive systems
engineering approach to designing a novel patient centered information display to …

[HTML] The new era of precision population health: insights for the All of Us Research Program and beyond
CR Lyles, MR Lunn, J Obedin-Maliver… - Journal of Translational …, 2018
Although precision medicine has made advances in individualized patient
treatments, there needs to be continued attention on tailored population health and
prevention strategies (often termed “precision population health”). As we continue to …

TRPM2 in the Brain: Role in Health and Disease.
G Sita, P Hrelia, A Graziosi, G Ravegnini, F Morroni - Cells, 2018
Transient receptor potential (TRP) proteins have been implicated in several cell
functions as non-selective cation channels, with about 30 different mammalian TRP
channels having been recognized. Among them, TRP-melastatin 2 (TRPM2) is …

Codesigned recommendations for increasing engagement in structured physical activity for people with serious mental health problems in Australia
AJ Wheeler, H Roennfeldt, M Slattery, R Krinks… - Health & social care in the …, 2018
People with mental health problems are at higher risk of physical health
comorbidities and early mortality. A key risk factor for poor health outcomes is a lack
of regular physical activity. Mental health services have typically responded by …

Longitudinal associations between youth tobacco and substance use in waves 1 and 2 of the population assessment of tobacco and health (path) study
ML Silveira, KP Conway, VR Green, KA Kasza… - Drug and Alcohol …, 2018
Background While evidence suggests bidirectional associations between cigarette
use and substance (alcohol or drug) use, how these associations are reflected
across the range of currently available tobacco products is unknown. This study …

Pilot Evaluation of a Tablet-Based Application to Improve Quality of Care in Child Mental Health Treatment
TM Davidson, BE Bunnell, BE Saunders, R Hanson… - Behavior Therapy, 2018
Mental health systems need scalable solutions that can reduce the efficacy-
effectiveness gap and improve mental health outcomes in community mental health
service settings. Two major challenges to delivery of high quality care are providers' …

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