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Jul 31, 2018

INVENTIONS News, Jul 31, 2018

Authors and inventors
JL Guthrie - 2018
… Some features of this site may not work without it. Authors and inventors:
Date. 2018-05. Author … Ritual economy opens new vistas of historical
exploration that suggest a return to the primary evidence left by content …

New mitochondrial DNA synthesis enables NLRP3 inflammasome activation
Z Zhong, S Liang, E Sanchez-Lopez, F He… - Nature, 2018
… 1d and Extended Data Figs. 2a, 3b, c), we reasoned that the increased mtDNA copy
number in LPS-primed cells is due to new mtDNA synthesis and that the EdU-labelled
organelles are indeed mitochondria, as their labelling was dependent on PolĪ³ …

[HTML] A new non-invasive graphical method for quantification of cerebral blood flow with [$$^{123}\hbox {I} $$] IMP
M Kameyama, K Watanabe - Annals of nuclear medicine, 2018
… Conflict of interest The authors are listed as inventors on a patent application
(2017-199618) related to this work submitted by Nihon Medi … 1. Kameyama
M. Lassen's equation is good approximation of per- meability-surface model …

Nursing entrepreneurship: A conceptual study of a new focus for technology transfer professionals
M Takata, K Nakagawa, M Yoshida, T Matsuyuki… - ISPIM Innovation …, 2018
… In the course of that process, they must interact with inventors and explore different fields
(Bessant and Rush, 1995) … Other times, the TTP will have to find another talented
entrepreneur ready to build a new business based on that technology …

Multi-dimensional Approaches Towards New Technology: Insights on Innovation, Patents and Competition
A Bharadwaj, VH Devaiah, I Gupta - 2018
… In addition to defining the technical strategies for the Group by monitoring
new technological trends, he … business interests including network operators,
infrastructure manufacturers, handset manufacturers, chipset developers …

Y Tian - US Patent App. 15/744,668, 2018
… Inventors: Tian, Yuan (Beijing, CN). Application Number: 15/744668. Publication Date:
07/19/2018. Filing Date: 09/29/2016. View Patent Images … Export Citation: Click for
automatic bibliography generation. Assignee: NEW H3C TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD …

S Omori, T Suzuki - US Patent App. 15/544,256, 2018
… hydrothermal synthesis of a zeolite including an MFI-type zeolite on a porous support
having zeolite seed crystals adhered thereto. The inventors completed the disclosed
techniques based on the new findings set forth above …

Before the Broadcast Era: 1900–1910s
SJ Douglas - A Companion to the History of American Broadcasting, 2018

S Takahashi, M Ohira, H Nakata, S Miyata, S Tohyama… - US Patent App. 15/552,973, 2018
… Furthermore, the inventors found that the stem cells cultured on this surface
can maintain its function and properties without differentiating under … cells
nor a coating with an extracellular matrix protein such as Matrigel (registered …

Blue whiskey and method for making blue-colored whiskey
T Mulvaney - US Patent App. 15/585,341, 2018
… beverages to potential customers in a pleasing way that could potentially
enhance market share, and provides a new method to change beverages
into new and unusual colors which may provide fun and additional …

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