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Jul 31, 2018

WEATHER News, Jul 31, 2018

Towards Simulation and Risk Assessment of Weather-Related Outages
R Yao, K Sun - IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, 2018
Weather and environmental factors have played significant roles in historical major
outages and blackouts in interconnected power systems, and hence should be
considered in simulation and risk assessment of outages. This paper proposes a …

Winter Weather Anomalies and Individual Destination Choice
M Falk, E Hagsten - Sustainability, 2018
Recently, several winter seasons in the European Alps have been unexpectedly
warm. In the Austrian mountains, December 2015 was the warmest since weather
records began, with a temperature deviation of+ 6.6° C compared to the long-term …

[PDF] September 2017's Geoeffective Space Weather and Impacts to Caribbean Radio Communications during Hurricane Response
RJ Redmon, DB Seaton, R Steenburgh, J He… - Space Weather, 2018
Abstract Between 4 and 10 September 2017, multiple solar eruptions occurred from
active region AR12673. NOAA and NASA's well‐instrumented spacecraft observed
the evolution of these geoeffective events from their solar origins, through the …

[PDF] The Hot-Dry-Windy Index: A New Fire Weather Index
A Srock, J Charney, B Potter, S Goodrick - Atmosphere, 2018
Fire weather indices are commonly used by fire weather forecasters to predict when
weather conditions will make a wildland fire difficult to manage. Complex interactions
at multiple scales between fire, fuels, topography, and weather make these …

Effects of impact-based warnings and behavioural recommendations for extreme weather events
P Weyrich, A Scolobig, DN Bresch, A Patt - Weather, Climate, and Society, 2018
Bad weather continues to not only inflict damage on property, but kill and injure
people, despite significant advances in the predictive power of meteorological
warnings. There is evidence that people tend to under-react to weather warning …

Evaluation of multiple linear, neural network and penalised regression models for prediction of rice yield based on weather parameters for west coast of India
B Das, B Nair, VK Reddy, P Venkatesh - International journal of biometeorology, 2018
Rice is generally grown under completely flooded condition and providing food for
more than half of the world's population. Any changes in weather parameters might
affect the rice productivity thereby impacting the food security of burgeoning …

Influence of weather on seizure frequency—Clinical experience in the emergency room of a tertiary hospital
PC BrĂ¡s, A Barros, S Vaz, J Sequeira, D Melancia… - Epilepsy & Behavior, 2018
Introduction Some patients with epilepsy identify weather as a typical seizure trigger.
However, it is yet to be confirmed. Thus, we aimed to evaluate possible relationships
between daily meteorological conditions and the daily incidence of seizures …

Weather-based coffee leaf rust apparent infection rate modeling
FD Hinnah, PC Sentelhas, CAA Meira, RN Paiva - International Journal of …, 2018
Brazil is the major coffee producer in the world, with 2 million hectares cropped, with
75% of this area with Coffea arabica and 25% with Coffea canephora. Coffee leaf
rust (CLR) is one of the main diseases that cause yield losses by reducing healthy …

[PDF] The Effects of Weather Shocks on Economic Activity: What are the Channels of Impact?
S Acevedo, M Mrkaic, N Novta, E Pugacheva… - 2018
Global temperatures have increased at an unprecedented pace in the past 40 years.
This paper finds that increases in temperature have uneven macroeconomic effects,
with adverse consequences concentrated in countries with hot climates, such as …

Visual simulation of a capsizing ship in stormy weather condition
L Wang, S Han - The Visual Computer, 2018
Ship capsizes in the extreme weather condition are difficult to predict, even though
they cause a great number of casualties. Numerical methods have been developed
to analyze the capsize phenomena and to predict the possible capsizes. The visual …

[PDF] Trends of Weather Elements Induced Flights Cancellation in Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja, Nigeria
R Dan-Okoro, SM Hassan, VA Agidi - Journal of Safety Engineering, 2018
The Study assess the trends of weather conditions in aviation transport in Nnamdi
Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja. Records on visibility, rainfall, cloud cover; wind
speed and two aspects of flight operations (flight delay and cancellation) for a period …

[PDF] Urban Lawn Microclimates Affect Reference Evapotranspiration
KW Peterson, DJ Bremer, JD Fry - Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station Research …, 2018
… Page 2. Urban Lawn Microclimates Affect Reference Evapotranspiration Abstract Grass
reference evapotranspiration (ETo) obtained from weather stations in open locations is
often used to estimate irrigation requirements of turfgrass in local or regional urban lawns …

[PDF] Managing Climate Risks and Extreme Weather in Agriculture
J Shortridge, JM Paoletti - 2018
This bulletin summarizes weather-related risks to agricultural production and offers resources
to help producers, as well as extension and conservation personnel who work with
them, manage these risks. The first part of this bulletin provides information on different …

I Brzozowska, J Brzozowski, I Cymes - Journal of Elementology, 2018
The chemical composition of cereal grains depends on the natural conditions and
applied agronomic practices. Our objective has been to determine the influence of
meteorological factors, especially precipitation and temperature during the growth …

Improving prediction of risk of hospital admission in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: application of machine learning to telemonitoring data
P Orchard, A Agakova, H Pinnock, CD Burton, C Sarran… - Journal of Medical Internet …, 2018
… Objective: To establish if machine learning techniques applied to telemonitoring datasets
improve prediction of hospital admissions, decisions to start steroids, and to determine
if the addition of weather data further improves such predictions. Methods …

[PDF] What determines irrigation efficiency when farmers face extreme weather events? A field survey of the major wheat producing regions in China
S Chun-xiao, MA Les Oxley - Journal of Integrative Agriculture, 2018
Water availability is a major constraint on grain production in China, therefore,
improving irrigation efficiency is particularly important when agriculture faces
extreme weather events. This paper first calculates irrigation efficiency with a …

Web-Based system for study of pest dynamics in relation to climate change
N Singh, S Vennila, DB Ahuja - Indian Journal of Entomology, 2018 - Gateway to access, disperse and preserve knowledge!

Identifying the causes of drivers' hazardous states using driver characteristics, vehicle kinematics and physiological measurements
A Darzi, S Gaweesh, M Ahmed, D Novak - Frontiers in Neuroscience, 2018
… Within each session, there were eight different scenarios with different weather (sunny
or snowy), traffic density and cell phone usage (with or without cell phone) … alert), traffic
density (low vs. high), cell phone use, and weather conditions (foggy/snowy vs …

Population dynamics of brinjal fruit and shoot borer, Leucinodes orbonalis (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) in Kashmir
SI Ahmad, SS Pathania, RK Nehru, AR Wani - Indian Journal of Entomology, 2018 - Gateway to access, disperse and preserve knowledge!

An analysis of Atlanta road surface temperatures for the improvement of urban transit
KD Harris - 2018
… Urban transit systems are not immune to these seasonal detriments, however, these
systems can provide critical services in a range of inclement weather. This study
uses data from road weather sensors in North Georgia to …

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