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Nov 1, 2022

INVENTORS News, Nov 1, 2022

The winners of the European Inventor Award and Young Inventors Prize 2022. Young Inventors award 2022[HTML] Leveraging global recombinant capabilities for green technologies: the role of ethnic diversity in MNEs' dynamics

A Marino, F Quatraro - The Journal of Technology Transfer, 2022
… Also, ethnic diversity is found to moderate the effect of recombinant capabilities
on the generation of new green technologies. Our results bring implications for the
strategic management of inventors’ teams by multinationals willing to run the green …

[PDF] Open AI for Justice

S Malhan, S Gupta, S Karn - Dig tal Debates, 2022
… The leap lies in going beyond solving these known issues and making new things
possible. To imagine … This holds back the creation of new and improved solutions
with modest investments, … improve document search and legal research, and also …

The Chemical Probes Portal: an enhanced public resource providing expert advice on chemical tools for cancer research

D Sanfelice, A Antolin, A Crisp… - European Journal of Cancer, 2022
… The new Portal features an entirely new database and backend structure to
facilitate future updates. We provide new information pages, … The ICR operates a
Rewards to Inventors scheme whereby employees of the ICR may receive financial …

Antibody Patent Evolution

TW Teng, AS Kesselheim, SS Tu - IEEE Pulse, 2022
… of the invention into the public domain, allowing other inventors to learn from the
discovery and potentially develop improvements. This is … , then reverse DOE
would allow the new invention to escape patent liability. Accordingly, new antibodies …

Music and the New Global Culture: From the Great Exhibitions to the Jazz Age By Harry Liebersohn. Chicago and London: The University of Chicago Press, 2019. Pp …

A Orzoff - Central European History, 2022
… The book’s last section focuses on the development and global spread of the
phonograph and its inventors and innovators in Britain, Germany, and the United
States. Liebersohn’s marvelous narration of Thomas Edison’s and Emile Berliner’s …

The discomfort of the new idea: Contested histories and cognitive dissonance

D Hull - Agora, 2022
I can't begin to tell you how surprised I was when the usually genteel, polite
exchange of ideas that typifies the BBC's' In Our Time'radio show descended
suddenly into a rather fiery debate. I wasn't expecting the topic to be controversial …

[PDF] Vantera Mediated Quantification of Urine Citrate and Creatinine: A New Technology to Assess Risk of Nephrolithiasis

SP Matyus, J Wolak-Dinsmore, E Garcia, RM Young… - Diagnostics, 2022
… Investigation of the New Advantages of Colonoscope Insertion with an
Endoscopic Position Detection … Taken together, the new NMR-based assay offers
a practical alternative method to quantify metabolites in … SPM, JWD and EG are …

Rubens in Repeat: The Logic of the Copy in Colonial Latin America, by Aaron M. Hyman; Clothing the New World Church: Liturgical Textiles of Spanish America, 1520 …

E Levy - 2022
… In a subtly constructed argument, Hyman suggests that we should understand the
conspicuous signatures of the painters as assertions that they are inventors. Along
with the striving for recognition of painting as a liberal art and the concept of the …

[PDF] The social value of science and innovation investments and sources of breakthroughs

BF Jones - NBER Reporter, 2022
… This work builds in part on the availability of remarkable new datasets that
provide … innovative activities, and also consider new insights about key sources of
breakthroughs. … has shown that immigrants are overrepresented among inventors …

An Analysis of Legal and Cybersecurity Issues in Internet of Things

G Kaur, R Malhorta, VK Shukla - Emerging Technologies in Data Mining and …, 2023
… Daily new technologies or new versions of existing technologies have been
popping up … Melon University which has inspired a lot of inventors all over the
globe to create their own … developed an opportunity for the inventors to establish …

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