Today: GUARDIAN News, Jul 12, 2013


Jul 12, 2013

GUARDIAN News, Jul 12, 2013

The 'guardian coup' theory: Was Egypt's coup actually good for democracy?
Washington Post (blog)
There's little question that the Egyptian military's announcement that it had deposed President Mohamed Morsi met the definition of a military coup. The case that this was bad for democracy is pretty straightforward: Although the military may have been ...
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How The Guardian Broke the Snowden Story
The Atlantic
Then comes The Guardian, which had 40.9 million last month. That was before Edward Snowden arrived on the scene. According to internal analytics The Guardian provided to me -- June 10, the day after Snowden revealed his identity on The Guardian's ...
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The Guardian Audio Edition: 8 July 2013
The Guardian
In this week's audiobook review we consider the natural world with Bill McKibben's environmental classic, The End Of Nature, and the world of metaphysics with Edwin Abbott's Flatland. • The Guardian Audio Edition is supported by To ...
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The Guardian Film Show: The Bling Ring, Now You See Me, A Field in England ...
The Guardian
Catherine Shoard and Peter Bradshaw join Henry Barnes to review the latest big cinema releases. This week we're breaking and entering with the magpie teens of Sofia Coppola's The Bling Ring; pulling reviews of Now You See Me - a Vegas heist movie ...
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NSA and GCHQ spy programmes face legal challenge
The Guardian
The Guardian revealed that some of this information has been shared with GCHQ. So far the government has refused to say under what legal authority this has been done – if GCHQ had wanted to get this material for itself in the UK, it would have to apply ...
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Charles makes case for a republic
The Guardian
The Guardian is right to maintain that it is in the public interest to publish a series of "particularly frank" letters from Prince Charles to British ministers seeking to influence government policy (Prince's 'black spider memos' to be kept from ...
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What The Guardian Left Out: Six Arab Films That Cannot Be Missed
Huffington Post
While I deeply admire filmmaker Omar al-Qattan, for obvious professional reasons but also for putting together his short guide of must-watch movies from the past 50 years of Arab cinema, I must also respectfully disagree with his list of "The 10 Best ...
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Microsoft helped NSA intercept messages, The Guardian reports
London, Jul 11 (EFE).- Microsoft cooperated closely with U.S. intelligence agencies to facilitate the interception of private messages from its users, according to National Security Agency documents revealed Thursday by the British daily The Guardian.
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'Blairites manipulating Labour selection process' – Len McCluskey hits back
The Guardian
Len McCluskey, writing in the Guardian, said that Lord Sainsbury had worked with Progress to pour funds into Labour's headquarters that have helped to "parachute" favoured candidates into safe seats – meaning that the parliamentary party is out of touch.
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A fight Miliband might win, but Labour lose
The Guardian
Postal votes were freely given without evidence of need (as at Erith and Crayford in April 2009, reported inthe Guardian). So, many postal votes were cast by members before they could meet and assess candidates, other than the favourite, at the final ...
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Prince Charles: speaking up, in secrecy
The Guardian
Since 2005, the Guardian has fought to make public letters sent by the prince to Whitehall ministers. No one disputes that these "black spider memos" are important and of public interest. Last autumn, a Freedom of Information tribunal of three judges ...
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Clashes across Egypt amid crackdown on Morsi loyalists
The Guardian
The Guardian photographed live ammunition marked with army insignia at the scene. An army spokesman denied it was involved in the shooting. A 50,000-strong pro-Morsi rally was held a short distance away, where Brotherhood officials admitted that the ...
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Police admit bugging Stephen Lawrence murder witness
The Guardian
The government has promised an investigation into claims by Francis, a former undercover officer, that he was asked to gather intelligence that could be used to "smear" the campaign for a proper investigation into the murder. Francis revealed to the ...
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NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. Picture: The Guardian. Source: AFP
Edward Snowden. NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. Picture: The Guardian. Source: AFP. CONFUSION over NSA leaker Edward Snowden deepened after a prominent Russian politican tweeted that Snowden had accepted political asylum in Venezuela, ...
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The Guardian: Liverpool set to miss out on No1 summer target Henrikh Mkhitaryan
Public Radio of Armenia
Liverpool look set to miss out on one of their prime transfer targets this summer with Henrikh Mkhitaryan likely to join Borussia Dortmund instead, according to The Guardian. The German club sent a delegation to Donetsk on Friday with the chief ...
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Peter Middleton obituary
The Guardian
Throughout this time, the Guardian both informed and fed his political views. He read it daily, cover to cover. In 1995, Peter and Nadine moved to Minehead, Somerset, an area they loved deeply. The Guardian's country diary was essential reading for them.
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Do It: the art of instructions
The Guardian
Photograph: Christopher Thomond for the Guardian. Exhibitions of Do It have been on the road for 20 years now. Born out of a conversation in a Paris cafe in 1993, it's the brainchild of French artists Christian Boltanski and Bertrand Lavier, as well as ...
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BBC shelves 3D after 'disappointing' takeup by viewers
The Guardian
Users of 3D TVs told the Guardian that the problem with 3D TV is a mixture of price, content and comfort. Geoff Slaughter, who runs a digital marketing company and lives in Surrey, bought an LG TV which happened to have 3D capability, produced via ...
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UK astronomers plan to join search for alien intelligence
The Guardian
"Ask astronomers do they think ET exists and most will tell you yes," O'Brien told the Guardian. "We don't know what the nature of life would be, or whether it wants to communicate with us, but since we're collecting all this data anyway, it seems ...
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Should we boycott Twitter over its tax affairs?
The Guardian
"The abbreviated UK accounts point to the booming company using controversial corporate structures in Ireland to book fast-growing sales from British advertisers," noted the Guardian. Twitter refused to confirm that its UK sales are being routed ...
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The Guardian: Main section
The Guardian
Vernon Bogdanor: This week the party's headache is Falkirk. But its long-term problems will be south of the border. Comment & debate p21. Falkirk has revealed the rotten state of all our political parties · corby northamptonshire politicians canvassing ...
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The Saturday poem: The Point
The Guardian
The point is to repeat. To repeat the point, / the point is worth repeating, even if not: / we need to stick by the manual, even if useless, / to talk about how we think the things we've thought. / The point is worth repeating, even if not / worth ...
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The Guardian Has Been Blacklisted By the US Military, and Rightfully So
Last Friday, the Pentagon and the U.S. army admitted to the staff of the British daily newspaper that they have been blocking access to the publication's NSA leak-related content (among other topics) for thousands of defense personnel across the ...
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Guardian Angel Enterprises Launches Innovative Shockproof Safety Outlet
Sacramento Bee
Only the Guardian Angel Outlet allows continuous access to power while using sensor technology to ensure 100 percent shockproof protection. The outlet is easy for adults to use yet it cannot be circumvented by childhood curiosity—if an inappropriate ...
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Inside the 12 July edition
The Guardian
Last week's coup in Egypt has dominated the headlines, with millions of demonstrators taking to the streets both supporting and opposing the army's decision to oust the former president Mohamed Morsi. In this week's Guardian Weekly our reporters on the ...
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How very uncivilised
The Guardian
Civilisation will end when there are absolutely no responses to the Notes & Queries weekly questions inthe Guardian. Art Hunter, Napanee, Ontario, Canada. • Robert Frost answered best: Some say the world will end in fire, / Some say in ice. / From ...
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Despicable Me 2 is the star as The Lone Ranger ... - The Guardian
By Jeremy Kay
Sign up for the Guardian Today. Our editors' picks for the day's top news and commentary delivered to your inbox each morning. Sign up for the daily email. Daily Email. close. Get the Guardian's daily US email. Our editors' picks for the day's ...
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To Roswell with love: the eight greatest alien ... - The Guardian
By Keith Stuart
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Technology: Games blog |
Cameron and Miliband at PMQs: Politics live blog ... - The Guardian
By Andrew Sparrow
... Business · Money · Environment · Science · Travel · Tech · Media · Life & style · Data · News · Politics · Politics live with Andrew Sparrow ..... The MPs will be asking here about the Guardian revelation that an undercover police officer was asked to find "dirt" about her and her family after the murder of her son Stephen because the police wanted to discredit the family and those campaigning on her behalf. At 4.45pm the committee will take evidence from Mark Ellison, the QC who has ...
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Two Egyptian journalists killed while covering clashes - The Guardian
By Roy Greenslade
On 29 June, Salah al-Din Hassan, a 37-year-old reporter with independent news website Shaab Masr (Egyptian People), was killed while covering a demonstration against President Mohammed Morsi in Port Said. On 8 July, Ahmed Assem ...
Media: Greenslade |
Somali TV journalist shot dead | Media | ... - The Guardian
By Roy Greenslade
The Guardian, Media, User comments. News · US ... "The sad news of Farah's murder marks the resumption of deadly violence targeting journalists in Somalia," said the Paris-based press freedom watchdog, Reporters Without Borders. "On 18 ...
Media: Greenslade |
Microsoft helped the NSA bypass encryption, new ... - RT News
Microsoft worked hand-in-hand with the United States government in order to allow federal investigators to bypass encryption mechanisms meant to protect the privacy of millions of users, Edward Snowden toldThe Guardian.
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Edward Snowden's leaks cause editorial split at the Washington ...
By Roy Greenslade, The Guardian
By Roy Greenslade, The Guardian Friday, July 5, 2013 7:18 EDT. Protesters march to the US consulate in support of Edward Snowden, in Hong Kong, ... He contends that the editorial “represents the paper's higher-ups issuing a jeremiad against their own news-generating source and, by extension, the reporters who helped bring his leak into the public sphere.” Citing the Post's famed Watergate investigations, he sees it as “the equivalent of the paper issuing an editorial in 1972 not ...
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Police investigate Murdoch over secretly recorded meeting with Sun ...
By Sandra Laville, The Guardian
By Sandra Laville, The Guardian ... The revelation comes as Murdoch was summoned to appear before the culture, media and sport select committee again over what he said in the March meeting recorded byNews International journalists.
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Vice-premier jokes during summit U.S.-China 'marriage' totally isn't ...
By Jonathan Kaiman, The Guardian
By Jonathan Kaiman, The Guardian Thursday, July 11, 2013 13:35 ... China's state-run media giddily embraced Wang's remarks – the China News Service dedicated a “special report” to his diplomatic humour. On Weibo, China's version of ...
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Confusion on Snowden acceptance of Venezuela offer -
This photo provided by The Guardian Newspaper in London shows Edward Snowden, who worked as a contract employee at the National Security Agency, on Sunday, June 9, 2013, in Hong Kong. (AP Photo/The Guardian, Glenn Greenwald ...
News | WLFI TV
Brazil Target Of U.S. Spying, Globo Newspaper Reports
By The Huffington Post News Editors
RIO DE JANEIRO, July 7 (Reuters) - The U.S. National Security Agency monitored the telephone and email activity of Brazilian companies and individuals in the past decade as part of U.S. espionage activities, the Globo newspaper reported on ... The code-named Dropmire bugging of the encrypted fax machine at the EU and other invasions of the organization's private data were, as The Guardiansummarized Sunday the content of the leaked documents, “to gather inside knowledge ...
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BREAKING! Pelosi's Guardian Angel Is “Calling It Quits”!! | The ...
By LarryD
AoftheA News received a copy of his resignation letter, in which he cites “I can no longer handle accompanying the most unfathomable degree of stupid ever, so I'm calling it quits”, and “I've done my best, but when all is said and done, even I can' t believe all the idiocy she has said and done”. A representative of Celestial Helpers for Eternal Reward ... It's not known at this point if the guardian angel's resignation has been accepted. Pundits are saying that if Pelosi makes even more ...
The American Catholic
White House rejects 'false claims' of interfering in Egypt | The Raw ...
By Matt Williams, The Guardian
“We reject this coup and all that results from it, including ElBaradei,” Farid Ismail, of the Brotherhood's political wing, the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), told the news agency Reuters. He added that ElBaradei was “Washington's choice”, not ...
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Osama bin Laden: How not to lose a fugitive in 10 long years – The ...
By (News Desk)
KARACHI: The Guardian newspaper notes that Osama bin Laden hid from spy satellites under a cowboy hat, did not pay property taxes and had a run-in with a traffic policeman in Swat. 1. According to the Abbottabad commission “collective ...
The Express Tribune
The George Zimmerman trial is the worst fear of every black family ...
By David Dennis, The Guardian
I have a son who was born in October, a couple of weeks before the prosecutor and defense met in court to argue if Martin's school records should be admitted so the case was in the news again. As I watched more details about the case ...
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UK Demands Google to Change Privacy Policy - Tom's Hardware
According to the Guardian newspaper, Germany and Italy have also requested that Google make changes to its policy. PreviousSuper Flower Extends Warranty on All PSUs · Scythe Grand Flex 120 mm Fans Spotted in China · For Over $3000, ...
News Tom's Hardware
Eric Joyce: Falkirk row 'will determine if Labour can ... - News - STV
Writing in The Guardian newspaper on Saturday, the independent MP admitted his own "atrocious" conduct was the catalyst for the selection but he hit out at bosses at Unite, the Labour Party's biggest financial backer. He wrote: "Over the ...
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Guardian: Microsoft Gave NSA Access To SkyDrive, Skype, Outlook ...
By Ken Yeung
According to the Guardian, top-secret documents it obtained show that the Redmond, WA company voluntarily provided the NSA with the ability to circumvent its own encryption. ... If I want to read politics articles, I'd watch the news channels.
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Snowden Mentioned 'Direct Access' In Interview With The Guardian ...
In a blog post in June, The Guardian's Glenn Greenwald said that the newspaper's original article about PRISM "did not claim that the NSA document alleging ...
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