Today: SYRIA News, Jul 12, 2013


Jul 12, 2013

SYRIA News, Jul 12, 2013

Syria President Assad says ousted Baath party members made mistakes
The Independent
All 16 members of the central committee which heads the governing party were removed, bar Assadhimself, who stayed on as Secretary General. “When a leader does not solve a series of errors, this leader must be held accountable,” said the Syrian ...
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New front opens in Syria as rebels say al Qaeda attack means war
Hamami, also known by his nom de guerre, Abu Bassir al-Ladkani, is one of the top 30 figures on the FSA's Supreme Military Command. His killing highlights how the West's vision of a future, democraticSyria is unraveling. Assad appeared close to defeat ...
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Anti-Assad rebels say US arms needed, vow to control distribution
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Syria's opposition said on Thursday that it was concerned U.S. lawmakers had succeeded in holding up U.S. weapons deliveries to rebels fighting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and repeated assurances the arms will not go to ...
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In rural Syria, a rare peace threatened by sectarian war
Chicago Tribune
As part of Syria's marginalized Sunni Muslim majority, residents identified with the Sunni-led revolt against four decades of Assad family rule. Thousands of displaced relatives of fighters who joined the revolt have taken refuge in the once peaceful town.
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Assad calls Morsi's fall 'good thing' for Egypt
Business Standard
According to the Washington Times, Assad has faced down calls to leave office for more than two years, leaving Syria in a constant state of civil unrest. He has blamed much of the rebel violence on the SyrianMuslim Brotherhood, a branch of the same ...
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Assad forces attack Damascus suburbs
Assad forces attack Damascus suburbs. LCC announced the Darayya, Duma, Jobar, Harasta, Yalda, al-Ziyabiye, Dayr al-Asafir and Kadem regions of Syria were under heavy rocket attack, saying clashes between Free Syrian Army (FSA) and Assad forces ...
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Noam Chomsky on Syria
The New Republic
What happened in Syria is not outside our understanding: it began as a popular and democratic protest movement demanding democratic reforms, but instead of responding to it in a constructive, positive manner, Assad reacted with violent repression.
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Assad Praises Muslim Brotherhood's Fall In Egypt
Huffington Post
Private media in the region have reported that Iran has supplied Assad's regime with billions of dollars since the crisis began in March 2011, and Syria's SANA recently acknowledged $1 billion in aid. In an interview with a state-run newspaper Thursday ...
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Al-Qaeda-aligned rebels in Syria getting money, guns from Kuwait
Business Standard
Syrian rebels fighting to topple President Bashar al-Assad are getting weapons and cash from inside Kuwait. The role of Saudi and Qatari governments in funding and arming the Islamist fighters in Syria has been well known since the civil war began more ...
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US makes anti-Syria claims to manipulate public opinion: Analyst
Press TV
A political analyst says the United States levels false accusations against the Syrian government to manipulate the public opinion against the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. In an interview with Press TV on Friday, Lawrence Davidson, professor at ...
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Kurdish Group Ready to Back Main Syria Opposition in Return for Rights ...
“Syrian-Kurds are a part of this revolution and we want Assad to leave, but we also don't want the influences of Hezbollah and Al-Qaeda to leak into the Kurdish area,” Khalil explained. Kurdish groups have so far largely stayed out of the fighting ...
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Syria rebel leader killed by rivals
Irish Times
The anti-Assad Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which monitors the conflict, said the FSA and the Islamic State have had violent exchanges in several areas of Syria over the past few weeks, showing growing antagonism between Assad's foes.
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Assad gleeful over 'downfall of political Islam'
Assad thinks that toppling the Islamist president in Egypt wins him a point in his war against the people ofSyria and proves that he has been right in his strategy to deal with the unrest by murdering thousands, because his people are “immature” or ...
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Ousted Baathists made mistakes: Assad
Oman Tribune
DAMASCUS Ruling party leaders removed in a reshuffle this week had made mistakes while in office,Syria's President Bashar Al Assad told the Baath party's mouthpiece in an interview published on Thursday even as the United Nations accepted the Syrian ...
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Syrian Opposition Takes Issue with Jimmy Carter Peace Initiative
Two senior staff members from the Carter Center will be in Syria from July 28 to Aug. 9 for a series of talks and meetings with Assad opponents and loyalists. In response to the opposition's criticism of the talks, the organization has stressed that it ...
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Obama wags the dog over Syria chemical weapons
Those who have been skeptical of the Russian position on Syria should ask themselves, what doesAssad have to gain from using chemical weapons and crossing the proverbial red line? On the other hand, do the rebels, who have used every opportunity to ...
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Al-Qaida-linked gunmen kill Syrian rebel commander
Lexington Herald Leader
CAPTION CORRECTION, CORRECTS TO SAY PHOTO IS UNDATED - In this undated photo released Thursday, July, 11, 2013, on the official Facebook page of Syrian Presidency, Syria's first lady AsmaAssad, left, talks with families of the country's armed ...
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Syrian rebels reject Russian claims
The Japan News
This image provided by Aleppo Media Center shows Syrian rebels running during heavy clashes withSyrian soldiers loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad,in Aleppo, Syria, on Tuesday. July 12, 2013. The Associated Press BEIRUT (AP)--Syria's main ...
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Syrian Coalition Says It Won't Let Weapons Reach Extremists
U.S. President Barack Obama has authorized the provision of small arms to the Syrian opposition. He has stopped short of backing air strikes against Assad's forces, a no-fly zone over Syria or heavier weaponry to battle the regime's tanks and aircraft ...
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Egypt crisis overshadows Syria plight
Arab News
Assad's regime continues to slaughter innocent civilians in the besieged city of Homs, the world community is watching the massacre silently. Thanks to the dithering and divisive international diplomacy, the two-year-old civil war has been plunging the ...
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US weapons show up in hands of pro-Assad militants
Washington Times
The Associated Press reported that analysts aren't sure if the weapons that have reached the pro-Assadfighters were stolen, captured or purchased on the black market, or if they filtered in somehow from Syria, Turkey, Iraq or Libya. But most are arms ...
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Syrian opposition offers a Ramadan truce for the besieged city of Homs
The Syrian city of Homs is said to be facing a ferocious ground and air onslaught by Hezbollah-backed troops and militia loyal to President Bashar al.Assad. With Ramadan about to begin, the new president of the opposition Syrian National Coalition ...
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New front opens in Syria as rebels say Al-Qaeda attack means war
The announcement is the latest sign of disarray in the armed opposition to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who has regained the upper hand more than two years into an insurgency that grew out of Arab Spring-inspired pro-democracy protests. It follows ...
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Obama's feckless Syria policy is likely to fail
Washington Post
Mr. Obama's fecklessness on Syria has baffled and alarmed important U.S. allies, including Turkey and Israel, which wonder if the United States can still be counted on as a force in the region. It has emboldened not just Mr. Assad but also Iran, which ...
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In Southern Syria, Rebels Say US Support Is Critical
Minnesota Public Radio
The battle for the city of Dera'a in southern Syria has become a test of an American pledge to give military support to rebels fighting Syrian President Bashar Assad. After a string of defeats, the rebels have scored rare victories around Dera'a. But ...
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Assad applauds fall of Egypt regime
Northwest Arkansas News
DAMASCUS, Syria — Syria's president said Thursday that Arab identity is back on the right track after the fall from power of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, which he said had used religion for political gain. INTERACTIVE: Upheaval in Egypt ...
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Turkey, Iran call for Ramadan cease-fire in Syria
Straits Times
Iran is a strong ally of Syrian President Bashar Assad while Turkey has backed the Syrian opposition, including rebels fighting government forces. The two ministers said both Assad's forces and the rebels should observe the cease-fire. Their opposing ...
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US Congress delays aid to Syrian rebels
United States is holding up the arms aid to Syrian revolutionary forces fighting against Bashar al-Assaddespite the decision taken nearly a month ago. President Barack Obama's administration had announced to provide arms to Syrian opposition side by ...
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Syria opposition say vow to control distribution of US arms
Jerusalem Post
WASHINGTON - Syria's opposition said on Thursday that it was concerned US lawmakers had succeeded in holding up US weapons deliveries to rebels fighting Syrian President Bashar Assad and repeated assurances the arms will not go to Islamist militants ...
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Al-Qaeda militants killed Syrian rebel commander - FSA spokesman
The interests of radical Islamists effectively go against the plans of the moderate rebels, who see Assadas the major obstacle towards making Syria a better place and are fighting the government army in order to topple the ruler. Experienced Islamist ...
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Russia attacks West over Syrian chemical arms
Russia -- the main ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad -- has backed Syria's demand that a UN panel concentrate on an alleged sarin gas attack by Syrian opposition rebels in March. Britain, France and the United States have backed UN leader Ban ...
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Poll: Americans still don't want Syrian intervention
One month after President Obama announced the U.S. would bolster the Syrian opposition's efforts to oust President Bashar al-Assad by providing the rebel forces with small arms and ammunition, a new Quinnipiac poll shows Americans still prefer to stay ...
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Cast as Hezbollah supporters, Lebanese Shiites are expelled from Sunni Gulf ...
Washington Post
Deportees like Farhat are not the only ones bearing the brunt of Hezbollah's military involvement in Syria, where the group's fighters helped Assad's forces recapture the strategic town of Qusair, near the border with Lebanon, last month. The group's ...
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Assad sees Syria tide turning | Arab News — Saudi Arabia News ...
Arab News, an English-language daily, is a leading source of commentaries and news on Saudi Arabia, sports, business, Islam, lifestyle and more.
Syria's Assad boasts opponents failed to oust him - ...
DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) — Syrian President Bashar Assad said in an interview ... according to a Foreign Ministry statement published by the state news agency.
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