Today: Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Oct 26, 2010

Greece: Press; Papandreou, Stability Or Early Elections

(ANSAmed) - ATHENS, OCTOBER 26 - Greek Premier George Papandreou "has shown his cards" and launched "a dramatic warning" to the country: either Greeks confirm their confidence in him in the local administration elections on November 7 or there is a risk of early political elections. This is what is written today by the socialist press, commenting on the Premier's TV interview yesterday evening broadcast simultaneously on all channels. "I have no reason or intention to go to new political elections," said Papandreou, "but...

Greece's PM George Papandreou interview on local elections, 25 October 2010

Tariq Aziz sentenced to death, Wikipedia

Mikhail Yuhanna (Arabic: ميخائيل يوحنا; Mīḫāʾīl Yūḥannā)‎, later and more popularly known as Tariq Aziz or Tareq Aziz (Arabic: طارق عزيز‎; Ṭāriq ʿAzīz; Syriac: ܜܪܩ ܥܙܝܙ born April 28, 1936) was the Foreign Minister (1983 – 1991) and Deputy Prime Minister (1979 – 2003) of Iraq and a close advisor of former President Saddam Hussein. Their association began in the 1950s when both were activists for the then-banned Ba'ath Arab Socialist Party.

Singapore Moves to Restructure Asia's Stock Exchange Model With Australia Merger

Singapore Exchange Ltd. (SGX) announced yesterday (Monday) it agreed to buy Australia's main stock exchange, ASX Ltd., for $8.3 billion. The deal came about because both countries seek strength against growing Asian market competition, and Singapore strives to be a more sophisticated global financial center.

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Saddam aide Tariq Aziz sentenced to hang

Tariq Aziz
AP – FILE - In this Sunday, Sept. 5, 2010 file photo, Tariq Aziz, former Iraqi foreign minister and deputy …
By HAMID AHMED and BARBARA SURK, Associated Press Hamid Ahmed And Barbara Surk, Associated Press – 54 mins ago
BAGHDAD – Saddam Hussein's foreign minister Tariq Aziz was sentenced to death by hanging Tuesday for persecuting members of Shiite religious parties under the former regime.
Iraq's high criminal court spokesman

Yahoo news

Lindsay Lohan Profile - Facts, Pictures, Birthday, Lindsay Lohan Biography

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Dee Lohan is an actress and singer but is better known for her personal troubles rather than her professional career. The freckled beauty made her way in show business at the tender age of three as a model. At age ten she ventured out in acting starring in the Disney flick “The Parent Trap” (1998). Throughout the years Lohan has starred in various movies and has even ventured out in music with her own record.

Halle Berry steps out with a new man

Things seem to be getting serious between Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez: The duo made their red-carpet debut together at Saturday's Carousel of Hope gala in Beverly Hills.

Afghan president got cash from Iran; U.S. questions motives

How Karzai got bags of Iranian cash
Kabul, Afghanistan (CNN) -- President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan acknowledged Monday he has received cash from Iran and said the United States knows about it and does the same thing in doling out cash.

Iraq's Tareq Aziz sentenced to death

Former deputy prime minister Tareq Aziz listens to the verdict read by Iraqi High Tribunal in March 2009.
BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraq's high tribunal on Tuesday passed a death sentence on Tareq Aziz, one of late dictator Saddam Hussein's most prominent deputies, over the persecution of Islamic parties, the court's media office said.

Mexican officials ID 13 people killed in Tijuana drug rehab center

Mexican federal police investigate the shootings at a Tijuana rehab facility on Sunday, October 24.
Mexican federal police investigate the shootings at a Tijuana rehab facility on Sunday, October 24.
Mexico City, Mexico (CNN) -- Mexican officials have identified 13 people killed Sunday night in a Tijuana drug rehabilitation center, the state-run news agency said Monday.

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Supermodel Christy Turlington's directorial debut with maternal mortality film

She was one of the 'big six' supermodels of the 90s - as well as a writer and scholar. Christy Turlington Burns has been at the forefront of the fashion industry for more than 25 years.
But more recently Christy has turned her attention to a cause close to her heart, releasing her debut documentary film, 'No Woman, No Cry'. The film tackles the sensitive subject of childbirth mortality and tells the personal stories of pregnant women in four different countries.

Canadian militant pleads guilty at Guantanamo tribunal

A court drawing of Omar Khadr
Canadian Omar Khadr, the youngest detainee at Guantanamo Bay, has pleaded guilty to all five terror charges against him at a war crimes tribunal.He has reached a plea agreement with US military authorities at Guantanamo.

BBC News - New polio vaccine more effective in reducing disease

A new vaccine against the polio virus has helped reduce the number of cases by more than 90%.

Research published online in the journal The Lancet, shows that the new vaccine is significantly better at protecting children against polio than the current popular vaccine.

BBC News - Iran loads fuel into the Bushehr nuclear reactor

Media at the gates of the Bushehr nuclear power station 20 Aug 2010
Iran says the launch of its first reactor is a victory over its enemies.
Iran has begun loading fuel into the core of its first nuclear power plant, state television has reported.It marks a key stage in the firing up of the Bushehr plant, which is set to produce electricity from 2011.

BBC News - Haiti: Cholera slows but fears of spread remain

The BBC's Laura Trevelyan: Haitians now fear the river that sustained them
Tens of thousands of people in Haiti are still threatened by an outbreak of cholera despite some signs that the epidemic is stabilising, the UN says. UN humanitarian co-ordinator in Haiti Nigel Fisher said the UN was preparing for a wider outbreak although there were no new signs of it spreading.

BBC News - Students aim to bolster French protests

French students protest in Nantes. Photo: 21 October 2010
President Sarkozy is hoping the parliament vote will quell the protests
French students will stage protests on Tuesday to try to bolster opposition to the government's pension reforms amid some signs of cracks in the movement.The numbers could be a litmus test, correspondents say, after three of 12 national oil refineries voted to end their action and a rubbish collectors' strike in

Nigeria fraud blacklist issued by police

Nigerian naira
The alleged frauds involve billions of naira
Senior politicians and businessmen are among more than 100 people listed by Nigerian anti-fraud police as being unsuitable to run for political office.
The EFCC (Economic and Financial Crimes Commission) said those on the list were all being prosecuted for corruption.

Ex-staff tell of war within WikiLeaks

The documents published on WikiLeaks give an insight into some of the most chilling events of the war in Iraq. Photo / AP
The documents published on WikiLeaks give an insight into some of the most chilling events of the war in Iraq. Photo / AP
The documents published on WikiLeaks give an insight into some of the most chilling events of the war in Iraq. Photo / AP Shrink
The documents published on WikiLeaks give an insight into some of the most chilling events of the war in Iraq. Photo / AP

WikiLeaks renews question of secrets worth keeping

Founder of the WikiLeaks website, Julian Assange, during a London press conference at the weekend. Photo / AP
Founder of the WikiLeaks website, Julian Assange, during a London press conference at the weekend. Photo / AP
WASHINGTON - When WikiLeaks readied the largest-ever release of secret war files, US officials warned the whistleblower site it was irresponsible. After the 400,000 documents came out, the Pentagon said they revealed little new.

Thirteen retirees killed in Mexico

THIRTEEN retirees were shot and killed late Sunday in an execution-style massacre at a Mexican drug rehabilitation centre near the border city of Tijuana, a police official told AFP. The exact reason for the killing was not immediately known but it was apparently linked to a brutal drug war that has claimed thousands of Mexican lives this year. "There were 13 people killed. They were all recuperating drug addicts," said the police official who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Thousands ordered to evacuate as Indonesia on volcano alert

INDONESIA ordered thousands of people to evacuate from around Mount Merapi yesterday as it raised the alert for its most active volcano to red, warning of a possible imminent eruption.

Haitians see hope despite cholera outbreak

HAITIAN health officials worked Monday to contain a cholera epidemic after statistics showed new infections had begun to taper off while the overall toll of cholera-related deaths rose above 250.

Serbia moves closer to join EU as failure to arrest Mladic looms

THE European Union brought Serbia a crucial step closer to joining its 27-member bloc on Monday, despite Belgrade's failure to arrest the continent's top war crimes suspect, Ratko Mladic. Serbia's pro-European government has long pledged to make the arrest of the wartime Bosnian Serb general a priority,

The Peoples Voice News

Permalink Hungary is a Failed State. Over. Extinct

Hungary’s been abused for centuries and survived. Never before have the abusers gone after the most defenseless – the unborn and babies with hammer and tongs. Hungary is a failed state, pushed to extinction; the men’s sperm killed off and the women’s germ cells fried as the next generation, as yet unborn, is killed in the womb. They never even had a chance.


“Israeli terrorist “clones” are responsible for most hard line rhetoric, threats and, if we investigated closely, have actually recruited terrorists and directly inspired, if not planned and executed, attacks on Americans…Gadahn is part of it, so is Wikileaks”


"One night Emad was walking in the neighborhood of Shejayia in Gaza City. While he was speaking on his cell phone a missile was fired at him. His brothers explained me that inside such kind of missile there are some sort of turning knives which cut everything."

Permalink US mortgage crisis: The case for public ownership

In the face of mounting evidence of systematic fraud by leading US banks in the foreclosure and eviction of millions of families from their homes, the Obama administration continues to oppose a moratorium on foreclosures. It is instead running political interference for the Wall Street firms implicated in the scandal.

Permalink French Senate votes pension cuts over mass opposition

The French Senate voted 177-153 yesterday to approve President Nicolas Sarkozy's pension cuts in the face of overwhelming popular opposition and continuing strikes. The government at the same time stepped up the use of the police to smash strikes in the oil sector, which have caused severe fuel shortages, carrying out a massive police raid on an occupied refinery at Grandpuits, near Paris.

Permalink Torture, killing, children shot – and how the US tried to keep it all quiet

So now we begin to know the full extent of what Tony Blair called the blood price. A detainee tortured with live electrical wires here, children shot by US troops at a checkpoint there...As many as 30 children died at the hands of US forces at military checkpoints, the Iraq war logs have revealed. Violent "escalation of force" (EOF) incidents as vehicles were slowed down and searched "often" resulted in the deaths of innocent civilians, according to the classified documents. One entry described how a six-year-old Iraqi was hit as troops fired several rounds with light machine guns. It read: "While crossing the street, patrol had an EOF where patrol fired 3 rounds of M249. One round ricocheted off the concrete hitting a 6yr old LN [local national] 250m down the road. Medical Facility reported that the 6yr old LN died of wounds upon arrival."...

Permalink American Corporate-Owned Monopoly Media: YOUR ENEMY!

But - it is obvious that the problem remains. Scoundrels and tools run the information apparatus that feeds the mushrooms (formerly citizens) known as "Americans." This has-been population of fools, true-believers, and self-absorbed suck-ups are busy paying bills, stabbing their "friends"/neighbors in the back (for the crumbs that fall off the corporate-owned table issuing their paycheck) or otherwise feathering their own nest - taking a moment or two to glance at a telescreen to get the pre-chewed information they need to push a computer button in the next phony election so as to lend some semblance of legitimacy to the charade we call our government. You know - the one "of the people, by the people, and for the people." Hogwash.

Permalink Wikileaks Release Puts Spotlight Back on Continuing War Crime in Iraq

Many, many years ago, I noted in the Moscow Times that shortly after the 2003 invasion, the United States had begun hiring some of Saddam's old torturers as the invaders sought to quell the then-nascent "insurgency" -- i.e., the opposition to foreign occupation that when carried out by white men, such as the French during World War II, goes by the more ringing name of "resistance." Here's part of that report, from August 29, 2003:

Permalink Echoes of El Salvador in Tales of US-Approved Death Squads

The Iraqi documents released by Wikileaks produce significantly more detail on US actions in the war in Iraq , but do they produce anything that we did not know already? The Pentagon will huff and puff with rage as it did over the Wikileaks release of US military documents about Afghanistan, when it took the contradictory position that there was little new in what has been leaked, but important sources of intelligence had somehow still been compromised.

Permalink 'Even if the Israelis confess, I don't expect any justice from them'

Survivor of the air strike has little faith in outcome of the inquiry. Maysa Samouni, whose husband Tawfiq, 21, was killed and baby daughter Jumana, now two, was injured in the building struck by missiles on 5 January, 2009, was unmoved yesterday by the progress of the investigation into the attack.

Permalink 2010 Is Just Deck Chair Politics on the USS Titanic

"Every election is a sort of advance auction sale of stolen goods." ~ H.L. Mencken. The political consensus is following the 2010 election, the Tea Partiers and the GOP establishment will breathe a sigh of relief and celebrate their victory and our two-party monopoly system of government will continue as before. A GOP House majority will checkmate Obama and the Democrats in the Senate and political stalemate will result. Many conservatives and a few Washington pseudo-libertarians will claim stalemate is better than a Democrat landslide but they will be wrong.

Permalink Iraq files reveal checkpoint deaths - Video

Almost 700 civilians, including pregnant women and the mentally ill, killed for coming too close to checkpoints. In September 2007, an Iraqi in a car ventured too close to a US patrol in Baghdad. The soldiers honked their horns; when that didn't cause the car to turn away, one of the gunners fired a warning shot. The bullet - intended to harmlessly hit the pavement - instead hits one local national (9 year old girl).

Permalink Iraq War Logs: Military Privatization Run Amok

Shortly after 10am on 14 May 2004, a convoy of private security guards from Blackwater riding down "Route Irish" - the Baghdad airport road - shot up a civilian Iraqi vehicle. While they were at it, the Blackwater men fired shots over the heads of a group of soldiers from the 69th Regiment of the US Army before they sped away heading west in their white armored truck. When the dust cleared, the Iraqi driver was dead and his wife and daughter were injured.

As the Rescue of the Chilean Miners Shows, this South American Country is Superbly Managed and an Enticing Investment

The efficient, well-managed rescue of the 33 Chilean miners was an affecting spectacle for the world. It also should remind us that Chile is a well-run country, and that in an era when commodities are ever more important to the global economy, it is becoming an essential part of investors' portfolios.