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Aug 16, 2011

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Nolan Cook  "The Residents" (Guitar in: Cincinnati Airport)

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Partner is invited for co-operation on Saint Martin /Sint Maarten Island,Caribbean (N. Antilles), Aug 16, 2011

10 Questions to Ask Your Doctor

"1. Do I already have atherosclerosis? What is my risk for a heart attack?
2. How many risk factors for heart disease do I have?
3. Should I see a nutritionist to help me change my diet?
4. Can I control my cholesterol through lifestyle changes alone?
5. In my case, which lifestyle changes will be particularly helpful?
6. Do I need cholesterol-lowering drugs?
7. What side effects can I expect from such medication?
8. How low can I realistically expect my cholesterol to go? What should I aim for?
9. Will it ever be safe for me to stop taking the medication?
10. How often should I have my cholesterol checked? Should members of my family be tested?"

SPACE, Astronomy News, Aug 16, 2011

Mother of Hubble Always Aimed for Stars
Voice of America
So, in 1959, she accepted a job at NASA, the US space agency, to set up a program in space astronomy. As part of her new job, Roman travelled around the country, trying to understand what astronomers really wanted. “Astronomers had been wanting to get ...
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Digital Photography 101: How to photograph meteor showers
Steve's Digicams
Just in case you're not an astronomy junkie like some of us here at Tecca, here's a brief explanation. What we call shooting stars are actually meteors, which are really nothing but tiny bits of space dust burning up in our atmosphere. ...
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Brave New World
Pipeline Magazine
Astronomy students can bicker about whether the fabric of space itself is expanding at 71 or 74 km per second per megaparsec, but the speed of global network growth is fairly certain. According to Melanie Posey, Research Vice President at IDC, ...
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Titan White Arrow Mystery Explained
Irish Weather Online
Co-authors on the Nature Geoscience research are Máté Ádámkovics, a project scientist with UC Berkeley's astronomy department; Rodrigo Caballero, a professor of meteorology at Sweden's Stockholm University; and Elizabeth P. Turtle, a research scientist ...
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Irish Weather Online
SA's tech activities on display in Maputo
ITWeb (blog)
On the sidelines are a series of public lectures and roundtable discussions on various topics related to STI, including astronomy, satellite navigation, space tourism and the economic impact of spaceoperations. “The DST enjoys good relations with the ...
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Starline: Vega visible in August
Mankato Free Press
Astronomers learned a lot about Jupiter from the NASA Galileo space probe which reached Jupiter in 1995. This August NASA is scheduled to launch a probe named Juno to Jupiter. It will take five years to get to Jupiter and will study Jupiter close-up ...
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Found dead at 42 in hotel room huh ? I wonder what could have caused that ?
CNN (blog)
Thirdly, most of astronomy and cosmology would be wrong if the creationists were right. In short, as Einstein showed, light travels at a set speed. Space is so large that light from distant stars takes many years to reach the Earth. ...
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Hiding in Plain Sight
Fairfax Connection
I like to read astronomy and sports magazines. I'm not a problem, so no one really notices me,” he said. “You would not know he is homeless, because he's out of context here. Fairfax County is not like DC or other large cities, where you see ...
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Calgary Scientific Partners With CyberSKA Project
CNW Group (press release)
CyberSKA is using PureWeb® from Calgary Scientific to web- and mobile-enable the astronomyviewer so the data can be analyzed without being moved and the results can be accessed anywhere in the world, on any device. It also allows researchers on ...
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He's A Solar Pioneer, And Barely A Teen
The awards go to students from middle school through high school who have investigated questions they have in the areas of biology, Earth science, ecology andastronomy. So back to the Fibonacci sequence: Starting with the numbers 0 and 1, ...
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Astronomy Without A Telescope – Impact Mitigation
Breaking news and articles on Space and Astronomy. All Space Media in one place with hourly updates... Astronomy. Latest outer space and science news, ...
Astronomy News
NewsAstronomy (Aug. 12, 2011) — A giant cosmic necklace glows brightly in .... Breaking newsand articles on Space and Astronomy. All Space Media in one ...
The Astronomy of Ramadan - Yahoo! News
Read 'The Astronomy of Ramadan' on Yahoo! News. ... The new chief of Russia's space agency on Thursday said it had put too much emphasis on manned space ...

INDIA Cinema News, Aug 16, 2011

Kaptaan: A movie on Imran Khan
Times of India
Ask about his family connection in India and he says, " My father side is from Azamgarh and my mother side is from Lucknow. We have lot of relatives still staying there in India." Talking about the lead actors in the movie he says, "It was tough for us ...
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Besides a few such points however, the movie goes smoothly, enough to overlook them. These days, there are no excuses for any lapse in technical quality, since technicians from Tamil cinema are considered the best in Indian cinema. In somemovies in ...
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The real stories on reel
Peppered with the details of the tragic life and death of this sex siren who became an inseparable part of South Indian cinema, this is one film and a performance everyone will be eagerly waiting for! Mahie Gill will be portraying a character based on ...
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Bhojpuri film stars rally round Anna; Nitish decries arrest as 'rehearsal of ...
India Today
Popular star Manoj Tiwari, who is credited with having revived the moribund Bhojpuricinema with a string of commercially successful movies, joined the protests organised at Kargil Chowk in Patna against Hazare's arrest by Delhi Police. ...
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India Today